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Peter Quillin to play Roger Mayweather in Pazienza flick

Quillin has landed a gig portraying Roger Mayweather in an upcoming Martin Scorsese biopic on Vinny Pazienza.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Peter Quillin hasn't been fighting much as of late, so it's a good thing he apparently has this acting thing down. Quillin has just accepted a role in Scorcese's "Bleed For This" where he'll play the part of Roger Mayweather. The film will be a biopic on Vinny Pazienza.

"I've got some big things in store, staring with a movie coming out in 2015 about Vinny Pazienza, and I'm going to be playing Roger Mayweather," said Quillin, 31, through an interview facilitated by camp assistant, Antoine Gooch.

"I'm meeting with the director next week to figure (it) out. I'm hoping everybody gets excited about the movie, because it's a great story and this my first movie that I've ever gotten to do and it's an opportunity to do something outside of boxing."

I can't imagine this being a big role in the movie, as I believe the only real relevance Mayweather had to Paz was their 1988 title fight, where Mayweather won a unanimous decision against Vinny. Nonetheless, Quillin is super excited to get his chance on the big screen.

"I've always dreamed of being in a movie since I was a kid, and I can't believe that it's finally happening and I'm just very thankful for it that I've actually gotten the opportunity, and I'm very familiar with the Mayweathers, so I just went back and I researched the fight from 1988," said Quillin.

"Miles Teller is going to be playing Vinny Paz. Roger and I are from the same city in Grand Rapids, Michigan, so they got a chance to cast a fighter who is close to the fighter that they're looking at. So what I have tried to do with this character is to bring the fighter's mentality to the character of Roger Mayweather."

As far as his day job is concerned, Quillin says he expects to return to action in March or April (likely on Haymon's new series) while mentioning the likes of Danny Jacobs and David Lemieux as potential opponents.

"Danny Jacobs is a good fight, but for any fight, you need time for it to boil in the water. It doesn't have to necessarily be that fight. I'm pretty sure that David Lemieux would want to fight me. There are a lot of different guys calling me out. There are a lot of different fights out there, and I'm just spending time in the gym getting ready for whoever comes up. Anybody can get a knuckle sandwich this year."

Anybody not having the initials 'GGG' is what he means to say if I'm telling the story - which I appear to be. Well let's just hope at least someone gets a knuckle sandwich this year, even if it has to be Quillin himself...

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