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Froch: Chavez Jr. fight in Vegas is close

Carl Froch is feeling optimistic that his desired big-money fight with Chavez Jr., in Las Vegas, is on the horizon.

Scott Heavey/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

I'm a couple days late getting around to this, but it appears that Carl Froch feels that his aspirations for a big money fight in Las Vegas will happen soon. Froch has been very vocal about wanting to end his career with a big fight in Vegas and hasn't deterred from these hopes.

"Dare I say it, but we're nearly there with the Chavez fight in Las Vegas which we've long talked about," Froch told Sky Sports News.

"After knocking out Groves I was instantly talking about the Chavez fight happening. It's nearly there and I'm very optimistic that Eddie Hearn will be making an announcement very soon."

Although the IBF named James DeGale the mandatory challenger for Froch's belt, you can be sure if this Chavez Jr. fight comes off that he'll gladly vacate his title for a much bigger prizefight. As for the potential match-up between Froch and Chavez Jr., it sounds good on paper, but who really knows what condition Chavez Jr. will be in for such a fight. He's never been accused of being completely dedicated to the sport and I wouldn't at all be surprised for those number of cheeseburgers to catch up to him early in the fight, leaving him gassed. On the bright side though, I wouldn't mind seeing that 'legendary' chin get tested by someone his actual size.

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