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HBD B-HOP! Bernard wants one more chance at a title

Bernard Hopkins turned 50 years old today - and is looking for just one more title-shot as a birthday present.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Happy Birthday shout-out to the legendary Bernard Hopkins!!! Fighting in the professional ranks at age 50 is basically unheard of. Bernard certainly defies all conventional logic when it comes to this, and that much is universally agreed upon. So what is Bernard thinking about now that he's just hit the half-century mark? Well if you know anything about Bernard Hopkins, you know it's another title shot.

"I want to fight one fight at 50 but I want it to be a meaningful fight," Hopkins told this week. "I'd rather it be a championship fight and I'd like it to be done in a timely fashion, hopefully before June. We have to see what makes sense and what don't."

"But for right now, I am not retired. In 2015 I'm looking to do something at 50 to make history and to keep proving that age is nothing but a number. But whatever happens, I'm comfortable with it."

"I will not sleepwalk my way through something. I have too much pride [to take a small fight]. I'm not going to be a circus act for anybody. I don't have to, but I want to keep us old guys relevant. But I know I can't do it for my entire life."

Hopkins can still beat a lot of light-heavy's out there, but whether or not he still has enough left in the tank to grab another major belt is entirely another ball of wax. When facing Sergey Kovalev, Hopkins was thoroughly dominated throughout the entire fight, but even so, it still isn't a fight that Hopkins regrets.

"I made it happen with no regrets," Hopkins said. "Champions should fight champions. I've always tried to do that." So what is left for the "Alien" to do?

Bernard, of course, supplies his own answers - but some of them leave me a bit weary. Hopkins is saying that he wouldn't mind dropping back down to super-middleweight for a title shot, or even a catch weight fight with Gennady Golovkin.

"He [Golovkin] has nobody to fight who anybody cares about," Hopkins said. "It would be the best teaching to a student other than what I did to Kelly Pavlik. But I think Triple G is better than Kelly Pavlik. I can fight at 168 with no problem."

I almost don't even want to think about the prospect of Hopkins moving down in weight at his age to take on a killer like Golovkin - leave that to the younger guys. But if that's a fight that can't, wouldn't, and/or shouldn't happen, Hopkins is also eying the likes of Carl Froch.

"Froch is a big fight that I think people would be interested in," Hopkins said. "It wouldn't be an easy fight, but it would be a good fight that would be challenging for both of us. I would entertain that. No problem. That would be something I could get up for. He's a credible guy and that's one of the guys that I'd like to fight if I'm going to do something special, if I do one more fight, two more fights -- nothing I can see past that -- that would be a good fight."

"I want to do a big fight at 50 years old because it's historic," Hopkins said. "Nobody ever done it on this level. And that's what I see as a milestone. That's something that gets my juices flowing. Anything else is a waste of everyone's time and my time. I'm really serious about it.

"I made history so many times. I am addicted to it."

Look - B-Hop has made history, no doubts about it. But this so-called 'addiction' isn't going to land Hopkins in a good place. He's been a professional fighter for nearly 30 years (most of these years at the highest level of the sport), he's made a lot of good money, and he's still in tremendous condition and good health. That to me is the biggest victory here. I really don't care to see Hopkins take that "one fight too many." And I think most boxing fans would agree...

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