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GYM says David Lemieux still under contract, Golden Boy claim disputed

David Lemieux says he's with Golden Boy. GYM says not so fast.

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Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Groupe Yvon Michel claims that middleweight contender David Lemieux is still under promotional contract with them, disputing the claim that Golden Boy Promotions has signed Lemieux to a new deal.

Here are the alleged facts that GYM laid out in a press release:

· David Lemieux is still under contract with GYM;

· David Lemieux or Camille Estephan never expressed any dissatisfaction, all along, with regards to the promotion of Mr. Lemieux's career by GYM;

· Camille Estephan and David Lemieux are breaching their obligations with regards to their agreement with GYM;

· Golden Boy Promotions would become involved with David Lemieux while he is still under contract to GYM;

· Since the beginning of his career, 8 years ago, GYM has made a major investment in the development, classification and promotion of its' boxer,

· David Lemieux is trying to leave GYM at the very moment he is in position for a major world championship fight.

These are the facts, and this is not acceptable to, and will not be tolerated by GYM.

In light of the foregoing, GYM will do everything it can legally to have its rights respected and protected with regards to its contractual interests in David Lemieux.

Lemieux (33-2, 31 KO) announced his signing with Golden Boy late last week, speaking to media alongside Oscar De La Hoya.

This would not be the first (or 100th) time that a fighter supposedly under contract to his old promoter "signed with" a new promoter, and usually money wins out and the fighter goes where they wish. Golden Boy has more money than GYM and may be able to settle somehow if there is indeed a valid contract.

One notable instance in recent memory that saw the fighter stay with the old promoter came when Nonito Donaire attempted to leave Top Rank for Golden Boy. Top Rank had the power, money, and time to fight Golden Boy on that, and an arbitrator ruled in Top Rank's favor, and Donaire continued his career under their banner.

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