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Garcia-Peterson will be a non-title bout

Danny Garcia will be making his second consecutive appearance in a non-title bout when he faces off with Lamont Peterson on April 11th.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

So - as it turns out, and as it's being reported by Dan Rafael, the Danny Garcia - Lamont Peterson fight will be another non-title bout for Danny, which will take place at a contracted weight of 143lbs. This will mark Danny's second consecutive non-title fight (the last one being Rod Salka). Almost everyone should be disappointed by this news because the rationale behind the terrible mismatches last year was that they were leading up this unification bout between he and Peterson (regardless of what you think of Peterson as still being a titleholder -- or even Danny Garcia for that matter). But - as it so happens - non of the belts will be on the line, which is pretty ridiculous if you ask me. Lamont Peterson was asked about the weight limited, to which he responded in very concise fashion.

"Yes, we're fighting at 143," Peterson told "I'm not sure why but it was brought to me at that weight so I agreed."

Well Danny apparently has the reason why:

"I'm slowly making my way up to welterweight," Garcia told "I feel a lot fresher and stronger. At the end of the day this is a fight the fans want to see no matter what weight."

Ok - this statement in and of itself makes it readily apparent that Danny Garcia has no actual intention of fighting at junior welterweight again (particularly after rumors that he struggled to make 140 for the Mauricio Herrera fight). So why, and for how long, will he be allowed to hold on to what now amounts to as mere shiny trinkets for Garcia to flaunt. By the time this Peterson fights come off, Garcia will not have defended his WBC nor WBA titles in over a years time, with no actual prospect of him doing so moving forward. Just strip the man already and let the real 140 pounders fight for the titles! Danny is basically just masquerading around as the champion of a division he's long since vacated.

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