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Jermain Taylor addresses latest arrest: If I have to go to jail, I'll go

The Jermain Taylor story is getting more and more disturbing.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Jermain Taylor, who was arrested on Monday for discharging a firearm, took to Facebook to address the situation -- which has now evolved into allegations that he threatened to murder children -- sitting in a bathtub and saying the following:

"Arkansas, I got 24 hours to turn myself in, they say. Well, I'll get a little shit off my chest. I know y'all are disappointed in me. I'm sorry if I let anybody down or hurt anybody, you know. I make mistakes, too. The Martin Luther King parade, little kids didn't even have no candy. Y'all need to get it together. Had my little girl out there -- nobody had no candy. Think y'all need to do better with the parade. So if you disappointed in me, I'm disappointed in you, too, 'cause that's Martin Luther King. Get that together, too. What else? That's about it. Please do better next year with the Martin Luther King parade, even if I don't be there to watch it, God forbid. I haven't missed one yet, thank God.

"To my fans, I love you, I'm sorry. If I gotta go to jail, I'm gonna sit my ass in there, but I'm not fixing to say I have no problem with no drugs to get out of jail. No, I'm not gonna do that. I'm not gonna say I'm a drug addict. I worked too hard for my life to put that in it. So you can kiss my ass. Alright. I love you, Arkansas. Champ, baby. Fuck them. That boy had no business fuckin' with us. That's OK, though, you ugly bastard. Scratch that part."

Taylor, 36, was also arrested last August and charged with shooting his cousin, to which he pleaded not guilty in December. Police were called to his house on Christmas Eve when Taylor allegedly threw a brick through a car window, but no arrests were made when Taylor claimed self-defense in that situation.

Taylor's fight with Sergio Mora on February 6 was also canceled yesterday, and promoter Lou DiBella said that there is great concern about Taylor's mental state at the moment.

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