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Oscar De La Hoya launching TV Network

Oscar De La Hoya has just announced that he'll be launching his very own television network, "De La Hoya TV" this spring.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

It's a busy world out there for boxing. Big fights are being made, unmade, and endlessly swirling in negotiations. Boxing will be back on network television and new shows will be launched in support of them - and we've just started out the year! Not to be outshined, Oscar De La Hoya has just dropped a bombshell, announcing that he'll be launching his own TV network (De La Hoya TV) this upcoming spring. The channel will be a Spanish-language network that focuses on sports, travel, and lifestyle. Particularly, the network will focus on original programming surrounding boxing and mixed martial arts. Naturally, this network is aimed at engaging the ever-growing Latino population in the United States.

"De La Hoya TV will be the premiere authority on boxing and other combat sports, providing fans with a behind-the-scenes look into the world and lifestyles of their favorite athletes," said De La Hoya, chairman of De La Hoya TV. "The network aims to inspire all to live the life of a champion, delivering exceptional insight into the athletes and featuring entertainment, global destinations, news and more."

Although this will be a Spanish language network, they do plan to include English language programming in the future, with the hopes of offering consumers with multiple options to partake in their network programming. This new network has been established as a partnership between Oscar himself, international businessman/promoter José Alberto "Pepe" Gómez, as well as experienced media executive Victor Hugo Montero.

"In my decades of working in television, I've seen few opportunities to connect with an untapped market with such an exponential opportunity for growth. For over a year we have worked on this project and are focused on expanding content from Spanish to include English and make it available to a larger audience, all to serve the consumer's appetite," said Victor Hugo Montero, CEO and general manager of De La Hoya TV.

"The popularity of combat sports continues to grow throughout the United States, Latin America and the globe, and now fans will finally have a unique resource to get news and analysis through De La Hoya TV," said José Alberto "Pepe" Gómez, executive chairman of De La Hoya TV.

The plan is for De La Hoya's original programming to complement the already existing boxing programming on established networks such as HBO, Showtime, Fox, and Televisa. The details on the programming schedule are expected to be announced soon.

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