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Golden Boy Fox, Juarez vs Castellanos Full Results: Castellanos knocks Juarez down three times in final round, wins unanimous decision

Robinson Castellanos won a well-earned unanimous decision over Rocky Juarez tonight on Fox Sports 1, knocking Rocky Juarez down four times, with three of those coming in the final round.

In the main event, Rocky Juarez battled Robinson Castellanos for Juarez's WBC Featherweigth Silver Championship belt--whatever that means. Don't let the meaninglessness of the title fool you, though--what transpired was a fantastic contest between two very skilled and very tough veterans of the sweet science.

From the opening bell, Castellanos (21-10, 13 KO) looked to use his awkward, power-punching style to keep Juarez from taking over. Juarez (30-11-1, 21 KO) managed to come back in the second round, using a good jab and a handful of clean counters to keep Castellanos from letting his hands go, but it wasn't enough to convince the Mexican Castellanos, who found his timing with a powerful jab of his own and a bevy of brutal counter uppercuts. A questionable knockdown call in the fifth round gave Castellanos an early advantage, but any sour taste from that was washed away completely when Castellanos knocked Juarez down three times in the final round.

Juarez has said that he would retire with a loss here tonight, and it doesn't seem like he'd be remiss to follow through on that promise. His was a storied, impressive career, but he didn't seem to have the confidence to slug it out with a young power puncher like Robinson Castellanos tonight. As for Castellanos, it looks like a bout with Johnny Gonzalez is in the cards for him next.

Robinson Castellanos defeats Rocky Juarez by Unanimous Decision (118-106 x 2, 118-107)

Bad Left Hook had it 116-109 for Castellanos.

The second bout of the night was a somewhat hilarious contest between local college student Javier Rodriguez and professional opponent Quincy Wesby. Rodriguez (11-0-1, 1 KO) warmed to his work quickly, as Wesby (2-7, 0 KO) did his awkward best to survive. He looked well on his way to another decision loss when, perhaps provoked by a series of warnings and one point deduction from the referee, he opted to fight for the win. He's surely regretting it now, as Rodriguez threw a perfect left hook inside one of Wesby's wide body shots for a spectacular one-punch knockout.

Javier Rodriguez defeats Quincy Wesby by KO, round 5.

The curtain-jerker was a treat for the fans present, as undefeated prospect Keandre Gibson squared off against journeyman Nelson Lara. After one round Gibson (11-0-1, 5 KO) appeared poised to walk over Lara, utilizing a sharp jab and an obvious advantage in firepower. But Lara (15-6-4, 8 KO) was not willing to go quietly, and spent every round thereafter battling GIbson in the pocket. Gibson got the better of almost every exchange, but Lara never quit, and made it a satisfying, exciting fight.

Keandre Gibson defeats Nelson Lara by Unanimous Decision (80-72 x 3)

Bad Left Hook had it scored 79-73 for Gibson.

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