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Keith Thurman wants to be the first to KO Robert Guerrero

Although Thurman won his last fight, he was a little disappointed that he snapped his 3-fight KO streak. He is hoping to get back to his knockout ways.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

Although Robert Guerrero has never been knocked out in his career, Keith Thurman wants to be the first man to do so.

"We respect Robert. Robert's never been stopped, and when I hear that a fighter has never been stopped, then I hear that as a challenge," said Thurman.

"The last fight, we got a knockdown, so I was able to satisfy the little bit of the puncher in me by producing a knockdown in the first round of the last fight," said Thurman. "I just wasn't able to put the icing on the cake by cutting the bout short."

Thurman wasn't able to stop Bundu in his last bout, but Bundu's strength and awkward style made that difficult. Guerrero, however, doesn't present that same awkward style and therefore Keith thinks he can get back to his stoppage ways.

"I want it especially being that I'm a puncher, and knowing that he's coming up from the lighter divisions. Floyd Mayweather came up from the lighter divisions. Manny Pacquiao came up from the lighter divisions," said Thurman.

"Some of the best fighters in the world have made their way up into the welterweight division and they hold their own and they go toe-to-toe with guys like me who were originally 147 pounds and who always was and always will be...I'm going to be training extremely hard for this fight, and we're truly looking forward to the challenge that ‘The Ghost' is going to bring, and we're looking forward to having a fight that goes less than 12 rounds. But we will be prepared no matter what the outcome."

Truth be told, Guerrero does seem to have a solid chin, but he's also been in a number of brutal fights and that has to take a toll on a fighter. He's also not a very 'slick' boxer and thus he isn't all that difficult to hit. I expect him to get tagged early and often in this fight, but I know that Guerrero won't back down, because he just isn't that type of fighter.

How many of you out there see a stoppage win for Thurman?

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