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Audley Harrison looking for another 'comeback' in 2015

It's a new year, but the same old Audley Harrison story.

Scott Heavey/Getty Images
Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Heavyweight flameout Audley Harrison is now 43 years old and long removed from the promise he had when he turned pro in 2001, but the former Olympic gold medalist is plotting yet another alleged comeback for 2015, saying he wants to go out on his own terms.

Harrison, who hasn't fought since April 2013, is making the familiar claim that he's found his passion for the sport again, and that he won't be the same old fighter who freezes up against legitimate foes. Nobody's going to buy it this time, but hey, he might get sacrificed to Anthony Joshua or something at some point.

"I'm coming to the end, but I want to go out on a high. In terms of my style and team, I've done a lot of ­reprogramming and I just want to give it one more shot. I've lost two fights - two big fights - recently against David Price and Deontay Wilder, and if you include David Haye it is three since 2010. So most ­people think that I'm done.

"I lost my way for quite a while and that passion for ­boxing. But that's back now and I want to close the show on my own terms with a performance that I'm proud of. Win, lose or draw, I'd like to go out with valour and do myself justice."

Harrison's last fought was a 70-second stoppage loss to Deontay Wilder, which was pretty much the same as his 82-second loss to David Price in 2012, and his TKO-3 loss to David Haye, which only lasted three rounds because Haye did nothing for the first two rounds as Harrison stood still and waited for the sweet, merciful end to come.

Do you have any interest in Harrison's latest attempt at one more decent paycheck boxing glory?

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