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Mike Alvarado arrested on warrant and gun charge

Mike Alvarado was arrested in Denver this past weekend on an outstanding felony warrant and for possession of a handgun as a convicted felon.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

For those of you who haven't heard, Mike Alvarado was arrested over the weekend for an outstanding warrant and a gun allegedly found in his glove compartment. Mike has had a history of run-in's with the law leading up to some of his fights, but he's made bail and his rubber-match with Brandon Rios will go ahead as scheduled.

As the story goes, Mike was pulled over at 4:15am where he was apparently not having a middle-of-the-night training session (à la Floyd Mayweather), but rather was stopped for expired tags on his Hummer. Police allege that as he was pulled over, they witnessed him shoving something into his glove compartment. Police then ran a records check on Alvarado, only to find out that he had an outstanding felony warrant and another traffic offense. Upon a search of the car, they found a handgun in the glove compartment. Being a convicted felon, and being in possession of a handgun is typically a big no-no in the eyes of the law. So - Mike was arrested but was later released on $41,500 bail. These legal troubles, however, won't affect his upcoming fight with Brandon Rios.

"We are aware of everything that went on that we can be aware of and we were told that Mike hasn't missed any training and plans to be at the gym for his regular training as usual," Top Rank vice president Carl Moretti told on Monday, after learning of Alvarado's arrest. "We don't condone what happened in any way and we respect the authorities. That said, we don't anticipate a problem with the show and it is still scheduled to go ahead on Jan. 24. After that, Mike will have to deal with the legal issues.

"[This kind of publicity] doesn't help the event. This isn't the kind of publicity we want, but I don't think it will affect Mike's performance."

I wouldn't expect this to affect his performance either, as Mike has a pretty good history of troubles outside of the ring leading up to fights, including his rematch with Brandon Rios where he sported visible scars on his face and neck into the ring - results from a reported bar fight during that training camp.

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