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Andre Ward signs with Roc Nation

In a rather surprising move, Andre Ward has just announced that he's signed with Roc Nation Sports.

Harry How/Getty Images
Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

HBO commentator and intermittent boxer, Andre Ward, has just taken to social media to announce that he's just signed with Roc Nation Sports. Since this news was just announced by Andre about 20 minutes ago, I cannot readily tell you if this signing is in a promotional or management capacity. If it is a promotional agreement, that would mean that Andre has apparently secured his release from Goossen Promotions, after years of protracted legal battles. If he hasn't in fact been released from his contract, well then, we could just be looking at more litigation to come.

In any event, it would appear that Roc Nation has finally secured themselves a legitimate star...well maybe not so much a star in terms of attraction, but certainly a top pound-for-pound talent. We'll have to wait and see if Jay Z and Roc Nation can leverage their star power to turn Andre into a must-see attraction, a feat that Goossen was unable to attain. It's probably a bit unfair to just blame Goossen Promotions for that though, as Andre's particular fighting style and long periods of inactivity have hurt his brand as much as anything else. More updates to follow...

It's official!! #NextChapter Happy to be a part of the @rocnation family. #RocNationSports #SOG

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