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Broner vs Allakhverdiev: Final press conference quotes and photos

Adrien Broner isn't talking, and Khabib Allakhverdiev thinks Broner is nervous heading into Saturday's fight.


"I told you I wouldn't do any interviews or talk. Nothing has changed. I just want to thank everyone for coming. I will be victorious on Saturday night, October 3."


"I don't talk too much. I am ready to fight Saturday.

"He [Broner] is nervous. That's why he's acting like a clown.

"This is his hometown. It's his last chance for a world title and he shows up late and makes it look like he's joking around with everybody and doesn't care. I've seen fighters do this before and it's because he is scared.

"He knows what will happen on Saturday. He can clown around all he wants, but that won't help him when we are in the ring.

"I feel great seeing him nervous. For me, this is just another fight and just another win and that's what it will be. A win for me over this nervous clown. I am going to beat him in front of all his friends."

JOSE PEDRAZA, IBF Junior Lightweight World Champion

"Everyone says they're going to come knock me out, good luck to him. It's not happening.

"He has a lot of experience as a professional, but I have been fighting for a long time as well so I'm not worried about who he's faced.

"I'm ready for 12 rounds but I want to get him out of there sooner. I'm going to work the body hard to try to get that done.

"I want to face the best. I'd prefer not to face another Puerto Rican but if it's the best fight out there, I will face anybody.

"I have no prediction for the fight. I have a good strategy for the fight and if it works, I will win by knockout."


"I want to thank the fans. Everyone that has supported me. Tune in Saturday night. It will be a great show."


"I'm coming out to put on a great show. You know I don't like to be in the ring too long so you will see a knockout.

"I don't watch a lot of tape or anything like that. I just work hard in the gym and do the best I can."


"My technical abilities are my best qualities in the ring. This is my work and I fight with honor.

"Argentinean boxers are known for giving everything in their fights. I am going to do everything to win Saturday night."


"I am honored to be here. Everyone that knows me knows that I come out and I give it my all.

"Expect to see a great fight. Much respect to my opponent for taking this fight, but that's where it stops. Once we get in the ring its all about business."


"I have fought some great fighters. I have experience in the boxing game. I am here to give Jamel Herring a good fight. I want you to come and watch a good fight.

"I'm from Ghana. I live in Los Angeles. I have been living there for six years. I started boxing as a pro in Ghana. I went to South Africa. Then I went to England and then I came here. I have a huge advantage in experience."

MIKE STAFFORD, Adrien Broner's Trainer

"Adrien is at his weight class this time. We have been fighting at 146 and 147, he's had the title at 147, but now he is back at his weight. He is mean and lean.

"Adrien knows how important this is. He knows Khabib is a great former champion. We thank you for coming to our city. Not too many people would come into this situation.

"We thank our families and friends and without these guys wouldn't be up here. These are a great bunch of guys. I am like a stand-in father to all of them and I appreciate you supporting them."

LEON MARGULES, President of Warriors Boxing

"Everyone knows who Adrien Broner is. Adrien has a promotional company called About Billions Promotions and they have been fun, interesting and I hope we get to work together again.

"Not only do we have a great international card, but we have several fighters, up-and-comers from this area.

"When you look at this card, you have one of the more explosive fights boxing fans will see this year. Reigning IBF Junior Lightweight Champion Jose Pedraza and former title challenger that is fighting at the weight class that he wants - Edner Cherry.

"Cincinnati is a great city. It is also a world class sports town. Bengals, Reds, University of Cincinnati, Xavier University and the Cyclones that play in this building. They also have Adrien Broner.

"He is the most talented and naturally gifted fighter in the world today. I believe he can be the next superstar in our sport. He is 26-years-old. His finesse speed and power is unlike any I have seen in a long time. I am proud to be his partner and work with him on this fight."

RAVONE LITTLEJOHN, President of About Billions Promotions

"Thanks Adrien for showing up. He has brought some great things into this camp.

"Thank Adrien Broner for giving me an opportunity to promote this fight. We are ready to go. Tickets are still available. See you Saturday night."

VLAD HRUNOV, World of Boxing

"Thank you very much. Why do we still not sell out? If we are in your hometown. Welcome to the best fight of this city in boxing history."

JAVIER BUSTILLO, President of Universal Promotions

"It is a pleasure and honor to be working with Leon Margules. I have been working in boxing for 20 years and I have never seen anyone like Jose Pedraza. We know we are fighting Edner Cherry - a good boxer.

"We call Jose the ‘Sniper.' You are going to see a sniper Saturday night. He won't miss a punch."

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