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PBC on NBCSN - O'Connor vs Bracero: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Danny O'Connor and Gabriel Bracero II: The World Awaits!

Tonight at 8:00 pm EST on NBC Sports Network, Premier Boxing Champions returns from Lowell, Massachusetts, with local favorite Danny O'Connor meeting Gabriel "Tito" Bracero in a welterweight main event, a rematch of a 2011 fight won by Bracero.

O'Connor (26-2, 10 KO) has won three straight following a 2013 loss to Vivian Harris, while Bracero (23-2, 4 KO) lost his last fight to Felix Diaz on April 11. It would be kind to say that this is not exactly the most meaningful PBC event, and realistic to say that this would barely be a passable second-tier Friday Night Fights card of recent yore.

In the co-feature, super bantamweight puncher Jonathan Guzman (19-0, 19 KO) will face Danny Aquino (17-2, 10 KO) in another fight set for 10 rounds.

BLH will be here with live coverage, despite the fact that there are any number of more interesting sporting events happening tonight. There might also be a real good karaoke night in your town. I don't know.

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Gabriel Bracero def. Danny O'Connor by KO (0:41 of round 1)

Jonathan Guzman def. Danny Aquino by TKO (1:19 of round 9)

Ryan Kielczewski def. Rafael Vazquez by UD (96-94, 97-93, 97-93)

* * * * *



Round 1: HOLY SHIT! A VICIOUS KO BY BRACERO! O'Connor is down and out. He's hurt. Bracero KO-1


Round 1: Another pretty good start here, as both guys are throwing. Guzman landing the harder shots, as you'd expect, but Aquino is mixing it up, too. Guzman edges it for me. Guzman 10-9

Round 2: BOOM! Aquino gets dropped a minute into the round! He's up but not looking great, and Guzman is pressing. Good body shots, too. Aquino dropped again at the end of the round, but he'll make it out of the round, barely. Guzman 10-7, 20-16

Round 3: Guzman probably looking to end the fight this round after what he did in the second. No big rush, though. Guzman taking his time, targeting his shots, not wasting motion. Aquino hanging in there. Guzman 10-9, 30-25

Round 4: Like what Guzman is showing here. Aquino is no world beater, but he's competent, and Guzman isn't going nuts slugging. He really stays focused in there. He's a boxer first, a puncher second. Good round for him. He's got the power to finish this, but he's not forcing anything. Guzman 10-9, 40-34

Round 5: Aquino is tough. That's about it at this point, though. He's doing well enough avoiding a lot of clean shots, so that's something else. Guzman is just very disciplined and heavy handed. He's dominating this fight. He goes through five full for the first time. Guzman 10-9, 50-43

Round 6: This has sort of settled into a fairly uninteresting rhythm. Aquino is posing no threat at this point and Guzman can only finish at this point. There's nothing more he can show other than ending early. Guzman 10-9, 60-52

Round 7: This fight still has some subtle stuff to watch, but not much to talk about. Guzman 10-9, 70-61

Round 8: Aquino gets a slight bit done this round offensively. I'm edging it to the underdog. Aquino 10-9, Guzman 79-71

Round 9: Aquino takes some shots, referee stops the fight. Aquino not happy but everything was in the bag at this point, really. No reason to continue it. Guzman TKO-9


Round 1: Decent action in the first round, with Vazquez landing a little to the body and the crowd reacting to everything Kielczewski does, whether it's significant or not. Kielczewski with a lot of movement in the upper body. Vazquez 10-9

Round 2: Kielczewski continues doing lots of joystick stuff. Trying to poke and prod to take the advantage, and doing better this round, with Vazquez not throwing as much. Good round for the home fighter, so at worst he splits the first two rounds. Kielczewski 10-9, 19-19

Round 3: Kielczewski staying active and outworking Vazquez pretty handily. Kielczewksi shoots an uppercut to the body, strays a bit low. Vazquez not doing anything anymore, while Kielczewski's trainer tells BJ Flores that Vazquez, whom he knows well, isn't fighting like himself. Vazquez finally comes alive a little bit near the end of the round, but too little too late for this round. Kielczewski 10-9, 29-28

Round 4: Kielczewski staying in control of the tempo, dictating the pace and all that, but Vazquez does liven up a bit more this round and lands some good shots. I edge this round to Vazquez. Vazquez 10-9, 38-38

Round 5: Good shot from Vazquez leads the action in this round, shaking Kielczewski just a bit. Kielczewski with more shakin' hands around, movin' shoulders stuff. Not throwing. He seems a bit more shy about coming at Vazquez since that shot early. Kielczewski takes the second half of the round pretty well. Evenish round. Kielczewski 10-9, 48-47

Round 6: Kielczewski going to the head and body really nicely about halfway into this round, taking advantage of Vazquez not throwing. When Vazquez's output drops, Kielczewski really pours it on. Suddenly, Vazquez picks up his pace big time in the last minute, throwing bombs, but taking hard shots in return. He might be about spent. Kielczewski 10-9, 58-56

Round 7: Kielczewski seems to feel there's an opening here to get active, but Vazquez slams the body a little bit, then goes upstairs. Vazquez throwing power shots, double left hooks and he's having a nice first minute in this round. Kielczewski backing off now, creating distance and not really doing anything but making sure Vazquez does less. Vazquez with a couple more shots late in the round. Vazquez 10-9, Kielczewski 67-66

Round 8: This has turned out to be a pretty entertaining fight, fairly evenly fought all the way. Kielczewski battering Vazquez in the first half of this round, talking a little trash, maybe breaking Vazquez's will. Body shots seemed to hurt Vazquez a little. Vazquez winging heavy shots but getting clipped frequently. Kielczewski 10-9, 77-75

Round 9: Vazquez just refuses to give Kielczewski serious momentum in this fight. This is a big effort from him in the ninth round to keep himself in the fight. I love his aggression this round. Vazquez 10-9, Kielczewski 86-85

Round 10: Both guys fighting to win this round and the fight, nobody trying to cruise. First couple minutes are pretty even. Vazquez clips Kielczewski hard with a left hook and RK is hurt! Kielczewski smartly ties up. Great composure from him, too. He is quickly grabbing and holding every time they break. Vazquez 10-9, 95-95

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