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Linares vs Cano: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Jorge Linares defends the WBC lightweight title tonight against Ivan Cano.

Jorge Linares returns to action tonight, making a world title defense at home in Venezuela for the first time, as he faces Mexico's Ivan Cano in the main event from Caracas. American fans can watch via live stream at, with the Spanish language broadcast beginning at 6:30 pm EST. The main event is expected in the ring sometime around 11:30 pm EST.

Whenever it begins, BLH will be here with live coverage of the fight.

Linares (39-3, 26 KO) is coming off of a win over Kevin Mitchell in London this past May, a tenth round stoppage in what was a very exciting fight where both fighters were floored. He won the vacant WBC belt last December against Javier Prieto in Tokyo, and has won eight in a row overall.

Cano (23-6-2, 15 KO) is a massive underdog here, even though Linares is always fairly vulnerable. The Mexican scrapper is 2-2-2 in his last six fights, with losses to Dierry Jean and Daniel Ruiz and a pair of draws against the aforementioned Prieto. His last fight came on February 28, a 10-round shutout win over John Carlo Aparicio.

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Round 1: Cano coming out with a jab, Linares looking to shoot a right hand over the top. Linares with a jab to the body, Cano lands a right hand upstairs that Linares rolls with. Another one, same thing. Linares looking to the body early, right and a left behind it. Linares lands a couple of mean right hands inside, including two while they're in the clinch. Linares may have Cano hurt already, at least a little bit. Good right again from Cano, he's sneaking that shot in there but it doesn't seem to be fazing Linares. Heads come together, no stoppage in the action. Big chants for Linares. He is popular in the country he is from originally in his life. Linares with some more hard rights, again landing two shots while they're tied up. He's got a free hand and he's using it. Linares 10-9

Round 2: Cano getting willfully reckless in there and throwing some awkward bombs in the final minute of the round. Linares is just a lot sharper and better than him, but one of the things that makes Linares so much fun to watch is that with all that talent, he is one of the most vulnerable good fighters in the sport today. Linares draws audience chuckles for a halfhearted right hand in another clinch. Linares again, but his face is a right hand magnet. Linares 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Cano looking to the body a little more this round, but Linares still looks totally unbothered by him. Linares lets a few punches go in combination -- when he does, you can see his speed and accuracy are way too much for the challenger. Cano takes a knee after a body shot with just over 40 seconds remaining in the round. He'll fight on, as he gets right back up. Linares targeting the body again as they get back to action, and he might be hunting for a stoppage sooner than later, even if this round goes to the bell. And it does. Linares 10-8, 30-26

Round 4: Another hard left to the body forces Cano to a knee, and the count is on. He's not getting right up this time. The count goes and the fight is stopped. Linares TKO-4

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