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Flanagan vs Magdaleno results: Terry Flanagan trounces Diego Magdaleno in two rounds

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Terry Flanagan smashed Diego Magdaleno in under two rounds today, successfully defending his WBO lightweight belt.

Ben Hoskins/Getty Images

It looked like a 50-50 fight on paper, but in practice, not so much. Terry "Turbo" Flanagan absolutely demolished Diego Magdaleno today in Manchester, dropping the Las Vegas native three times en route to a dominant second round stoppage victory and a successful defense of the WBO lightweight title.

Flanagan (29-0, 12 KO) was making the first defense of his belt, which he won due to odd circumstances back in July, as Jose Zepeda had to retire from the fight after two rounds due to a shoulder injury. Magdaleno (28-2, 12 KO) didn't get injured, but didn't even last as long, and Flanagan staked his claim as a top lightweight, a division that is currently pretty wide open.

Magdaleno looked sloppy in the opening round, repeatedly slipping on the canvas -- no one else on the card, including Flanagan, had trouble with it, for the record -- and just looking a step or two off. The second round was a nightmare for Magdaleno, as Flanagan put him on the canvas three times, with referee Terry O'Connor generously giving Magdaleno the chance to continue despite the fact that he was getting hammered.

After further pummeling from Flanagan, O'Connor finally stepped in to stop the beatdown at 2:38 of round two. Magdaleno and his team really couldn't have imagined a worse scenario other than perhaps getting knocked out on the first punch, but at least that would've seemed fluky. This was a dismissive, brutal wipeout.

Where do you see Flanagan among the top lightweights out there today?