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Golovkin vs Lemieux: Watch Gennady Golovkin's devastating win over Willie Monroe Jr

Gennady Golovkin took on a slippery southpaw last time out and did to Willie Monroe Jr what he's been doing to everyone else.

Scott Christ is the managing editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2006.

Gennady Golovkin has faced all kinds of fighters in his career. Crafty veterans, hard punchers, rugged brawlers, southpaws, tall guys, short guys -- you name it, Golovkin has faced it at some point. Last time we saw him in action on May 16, it was a slick southpaw with a reach advantage.

Willie Monroe Jr was not a popular choice as Golovkin's opponent in May, but it came down to something pretty simple: he was willing to step in there and give it a shot, which not many middleweight names really wanted to do after the path of destruction Golovkin had been carving. In February, GGG dismantled a legitimate contender in Martin Murray, battering him until an 11th round mercy stoppage. He admitted after the fight that he held back to get some rounds in. This was a little bit of a frightening thought.

Monroe seemed to have a good plan of attack, and boxed well at various points against Golovkin. But the power of GGG and the overall skill and experience difference between the two was clear as soon as round two, when Monroe went down two times. To his credit, he made some adjustments and fought better for a few rounds, before he was dropped again and finished in round six.

Does a similar fate await the very different David Lemieux on Saturday night?

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