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Pacquiao expects to resume training in November, December

Manny Pacquiao tells ESPN that his shoulder is 80-90% healed and he expects to resume training soon for a March 2016 fight.

Al Bello/Getty Images

Manny Pacquiao is still in the midst of ironing out his Spring 2016 opponent, one he says could be his last opponent. With Pacquiao stating that his right shoulder is now 80-90% healed, he is slated to resume training either next month or in December with his eyes set on a March return. Pacquiao admits that Amir Khan is certainly a viable option for the fight, but has a few others in consideration as well - and yes, one of the fights Pacquiao wants includes a rematch with Floyd Mayweather Jr.

"If you ask me, of course, I want a rematch," Pacquiao said. "I heard that he retired already. If he really retired, then there's no rematch. But if not ..."

Reflecting on that fight several months later, Pacquiao still has the same impression that he did immediately following his unanimous decision loss back in May.

"He kept moving around and didn't want to fight toe to toe with me, exchanging punches," Pacquiao said Monday.

But Manny believes he could change things that now since he'd have two good arms to work with.

"I think so, especially [after] I fixed my shoulder."

It should go without saying that a rematch with Mayweather is a long-shot and that a fight with Amir Khan seems to be the most likely option, since it'll be much easier to make. But Pacquiao seems to be holding out hope that he might get a chance to fix that perceived wrong before it's all over.

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