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PBC on FS1 - Washington vs Mansour: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Gerald Washington takes his first real test tonight against Amir Mansour in the PBC on FS1 main event.

Tonight at 9 pm EST on FS1, heavyweight prospect Gerald Washington faces his stiffest career test in the form of Amir Mansour in a dangerous step up the ladder for the unbeaten, 33-year-old Washington.

Washington (16-0, 11 KO) is a huge guy, a 6'6" former defensive lineman at USC with an 82-inch reach who has massive raw power. Whether that will really translate to success in pro boxing is still up for debate, but tonight's bout with Mansour (22-1, 16 KO) is the sort of test he has to pass now to even think about becoming a contender.

Mansour, 43, is a great story, a fighter who turned pro in 1997 and had nine fights before being sent to prison in 2001. After his release, he took up the sport again nine years later in 2010, and clawed his way into a big fight last year with former cruiserweight champion Steve Cunningham. In a spirited battle, Mansour came up short, but has bounced back with solid wins over Fred Kassi and Joey Dawejko.

Will Washington get through tonight with his undefeated record and confidence intact, or is Mansour set to give him a reality check? Patrick L. Stumberg has the call this evening. Join us!


Gerald Washington draws with Amir Mansour (97-93, 94-96, 95-95)

Michael Hunter def. Jason Douglas by TKO at 3:00 of Round Four

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Gerald Washington vs. Amir Mansour

Round one: Washington lands a 1-2 right off the bat. Another 1-2 lands, Mansour falling short with his retaliatory shots. Another 1-2 by Washington and a pair of clubbing right hands inside. Mansour with a left to the body. One minute in. Mansour rips to the body. Check hook lands for Mansour after Washington whiffs. Mansour to the body, Washington with a right upstairs inside. They exchange, Mansour with a right hook. Straight left by Mansour, left to the body. One minute to go. Another long left by Mansour, who looks to be the faster of the two by a fair margin. Mansour wades into the clinch. 10-9 Mansour.

Round two: Straight right lands for Washington. Mansour counters to the body. One minute in. More glancing body shots from Mansour as Washington paws with the jab. Washington not showing much output. 1-2-3 lands for him as I type that. One minute to go. Cross from Washington. Mansour steps in, Washington shoves him away. Good right by Washington before the bell. 10-9 Washington, 19-19.

Round three: 1-2 from Washinton to start. Lead right, right hook from Mansour in response. Mansour digs to the body. One minute in. Washington continuing to flash the jab and circle. Counter right, Mansour answers. Lead right from Washington. Right hook upstairs by Mansour. One minute to go. Washington moving well. Washington really not throwing much. Mansour whiffs on a hook. 10-9, 29-28 Washington.

Round four: Washington's averaging thirty punches a round so far. Not great. Mansour to the body. Left downstairs. Clinch. One minute in. Nice counter uppercut by Washington and a looping right. Hard left to the body by Mansour strays a bit low. Good counter right by Washington. One minute in. Another 1-2 connects and Mansour chips away to the body in the clinch. Counter 2-1 from Washington, who's getting busier as Mansour gets more desperate to close the distance. 10-9, 39-37 Washington.

Round five: Mansour really not looking like he has a solution for the distance issue. Mansour looking to jab to the body. One minute in. Mansour almost entirely targeting the body at this point but not landing power punches. Double jab by Washington, who I don't think has thrown a power punch all round. Mansour steps into the clinch with punches to the body and head. One minute to go. Washington with a hard 1-2, takes a straight left form Mansour. Mansour pressing forward and throwing with abandon. Left to the body lands for him before the bell. 10-9 Mansour, 48-47 Washington.

Round six: Washington keeping up the jab. Mansour trips while charging. Looping right from Washington, then a straight right. One minute in. Mansour lands a combination, then lands a left to the body. He's winging some bombs at Washington. Right hook lands and he chases after Washington, falling just short with the overhand left. Body shots, clinch. Washington tries an uppercut, eats a combo. Overhand left, then a straight left by Mansour. One minute to go. Washington prodding with the jab. Mansour digging away inside. They trade inside and Washington lands a pair of right hands. 10-9 Mansour, 57-57.

Round seven: Mansour isn't landing terribly clean but Washington's not giving enough in return. Mansour walking him down and they trade right hands. Clinch. One minute in. Right hand from Washington, body shots by Mansour. Clinch. Counter right by Washington, left to the body by Mansour, who's winding up his punches with impunity. Right up top from Washington, Mansour again goes to the body. Washington's body language isn't great right now. One minute to go. Check hook by Washington. Mansour whacks away to the body as he corners Washington, clinch. Hard straight by Mansour, who's walking Washington down with no fear. Couple of return shots from Washington, who just avoids an overhand left at the bell. 10-9, 67-66 Mansour.

Round eight: Washington sticking out his jab and lands a straight right. Mansour continues to chase and rips him with some nice hooks. Mansour's throwing fastballs and Washington's giving him no reason to stop. Clinch. One minute in. Washington clinching more and more. Mansour continuing to work the body. Straight right from Washington, then another. Counter left to the head from Mansour and a hard right to the body. Mansour has run out of fucks to give and is banging away at the body as he chases. One minute to go, clinch. Body shot, clinch. Stiff jab by Washington, clinch. Washington clinches again and again until the bell. 10-9, 77-75 Mansour.

Round nine: Mansour digs a left to the body. The ref pauses the fight to try to pull Mansour's shorts a little higher. 1-1-2 from Mansour. Washington with multiple jabs in sequence. Mansour digs a right to the body after some odd footwork. One minute in. Washington's still putting out the occasional counter but it's not slowing Mansour down. Clinch. More clinching from Washington. One minute to go. Washington whiffs on a right and enters the clinch. Clinch. Straight right by Washington, then an uppercut. Nice counter right and Mansour comes back with an overhand left. Clinch. 10-9, 87-84 Mansour.

Round ten: Mansour digs a right hook to the body. Counter right from Washington, who's circling more. Another counter right lands. Mansour whiffs, Washington clinches. One minute in. Mansour to the body and they're jawing at each other. Washington firing off his jab. One minute to go. Clinch. Hard right hand by Washington and another. Mansour with some awkward body shots and he continues to plow forward. Mansour practically running after him and Washington raises a hand to celebrate at the bell. 10-9 Washington, much as I hate to say it, but 96-94 Mansour overall. I do not see an argument for Washington winning this, but I have a bad feeling.

Final result: Split draw

Ahmed Elbiali vs. Mariano Hilario

Round one: 3-2 from Elbiali to start things off. Clinch. Right to the body from Elbiali, stiff jab by Hilario. Clinch. One minute in. Counter right from Hilario, body blows by Elbiali. Right hand from Elbiali. Clinch. Counter right from Elbiali and a left hook. 1-2 from Hilario, counter right by Elbiali and a 1-2 after. Clinch. Hard body shot from Elbiali and another. Sweeping right from Hilario and a clinch. One minute to go. Both men whiff inside and they clinch. Another good body blow by Elbiali. Hilario comes back with a counter right before they clinch. Overhand from Hilario at the bell. 10-9 Elbiali.

Round two: Hilario lands a right and they clinch Left hook from Elbiali, then some nasty body shots. Lad right and left hook by Elbiali. Two to the body by Hilario, overhand by Elbiali. Clinch. One minute in. Counter uppercut from Hilario and they trade at point blank. Clinch. Power shots from Elbiali inside. Hilario clinches. 1-2 from Hilario. Elbiali with a 1-2 and inside cross. One minute to go. Elbiali gets him to the ropes and then clinches. Counter uppercut from Hilario. Both land overhand rights and they clinch. They swing again at close range, clinch. 10-9, 20-18 Elbiali.

Round three: Three-punch combo lands for Hilario into the clinch. Combination from Elbiali. MASSIVE counter right from Hilario but Elbiali takes it very well. Elbiali digs to the body in the clinch. Another overhand right from Hilario. Clinch. Elbiali to the body in the corner, Hilario comes back upstairs before they clinch. One minute in. 1-2 by Elbiali, body shots by Hilario. Right by Hilario. Clinch. Elbiali to the body, lands inside. 1-2 from Hilario into the clinch. Hilario rips to the body and comes up with an uppercut. One minute to go. Clinch. Elbiali continues to advance but can't land a clinching shot. Clinch. Hilario sneaks in an uppercut while taking a left hook. clinch. Clinch. 10-9 Hilario, 29-28 Elbiali.

Round four: Hilario with a jab, gets knocked off balance by an odd clinch. Lead right from Hilario. Clinch. Right hand lands for Elbiali and they trade to the body. Chopping right and uppercut land for Hilario. Elbiali to the body inside, eats a heavy counter to the head. Clinch. One minute in. Body shot by Elbiali. Hard body shot in the corner. Hilario might be feeling these. Clinch. One minute to go. Elbiali's not setting up his power shots at all. Clinch. Clinch, short shots by Elbiali. Left hook and right hook by Elbiali, then a body exchange. More clinching. Clinch. Check hook and right hand from Elbiali land clean and they trip over one another at the bell. 10-9, 39-37 Elbiali.

Round five: Elbiali appears to knock out a tooth with an uppercut and they start slugging on the ropes. Clinch. Elbiali just wading in. Lots of clinching. Good right hand by Elbiali. Right by Hilario, clinch. One minute in. Glancing right by Hilario, clinch. Clinch. Left hook by Elbiali, body shot from Hilario. More body work by Elbiali, more clinching. Elbiali continues to punish the body, moving Hilario to the ropes and corner. One minute to go. Nice left hook by Elbiali. Clinch. More clinching and the ref warns Hilario. Hard cross by Elbiali at the bell. 10-9, 49-46 Elbiali.

Round six: Elbiali continues to advance, Hilario clinches. Elbiali clinches the next time. Both land to the body. Clinch. They have this kind of mobile phone booth thing going on, interrupted every ten seconds by a clinch. Hilario lses a point for holding. One minute in. Hard counters from Hilario and Elbiali clinches. Left hook and straight from from Hilario, clinch. They trade at close range on the ropes, clinch. Straight right, clinch by Hilario. One minute to go. Exchange, clinch. There's a drinking game here but I don't want to die. More exchanging, more clinching. Hilario lands a body shot and Elbiali clinches at the bell. Shite fight. 10-8, 59-54 Elbiali.

Round seven: Oh my god this fight got crappy in a hurry. Clinch, Elbiali goes to the body with some more heavy shots. Counter right by Hilario, clinch. Elbiali swings away on the ropes. Overhand right, clinch. One minute in. Clinch. Elbiali continues working the body at close range. Hilario lands a right, clinches. Hilario with a right cross and uppercut as Elbiali leans on him and swings compact punches. One minute to go. Hilario 1-2, clinch. Hilario to the body. Nice right by Elbiali rattles Hilario and Hilario goes on the attack. Hilario holds. They exchange at point blank. Nice right on the exit by Hilario. 10-9, 69-63 Elbiali.

Round eight: More phone booth exchanges to start the round. Hilario's giving as good as he gets and catching Elbiali as he comes in. Once he's inside, though, Elbiali's doing solid work to the body. More clinching. One minute in. Hilario looks exhausted and Elbiali's in full pursuit. Nasty body shots and right hands up top. Hard shots in the corner by Elbiali. Big counters by Hilario as he circles off. One minute to go. Hilario working on the counter, digs a right to the body. clinch. Lead right by Elbiali. Body shots from Hilario, head shots by Elbiali. Both alnd right hands. Clinch, counter right by Hilario at the bell. 10-9, 79-72 Elbiali.

Final result: Elbiali def. Hilario by unanimous decision (78-73, 80-71 x2)

Michael Hunter vs. Jason Douglas

Round one: Hunter lands a right hand and stiff jab early. Douglas staying busy with the jab, but overextending with the right. More jabs to the body and head. 1-2 connects for him as Douglas wears a high guard. Hunter nearly tips himself over with a right hook. One minute in. Clinch. Douglas sticking out his own jab, landing to the body. Both men land to the body. 1-2-3 to the body by Douglas. Hunter's having trouble sneaking power shots through the guard. One minute to go. Body jabs from Douglas. Lead hook from Hunter, right-hand followup misses. Counter right from Hunter and a nasty combo at the bell. 10-9 Hunter.

Round two: Good right hands from Hunter early force Douglas to retreat. Hunter looking to pour it on to the head and body. Douglas seems to still have his wits about it. Solid jabs by Douglas. Left hook to the body from Hunter and a cuffing left hook. One minute in. Nice 1-2 by Hunter, clinch.. Clinch. Douglas jabs the body. Good jab exchange in the center, Hunter digs to the body. One minute to go. Good uppercut and right cross by Hunter, who digs to the body. Douglas swings back. Hunter opening up on the ropes and manages to sneak a few through before getting clinched. Nice jabs by Hunter. Hard counter right and a 1-2 send Douglas to his knees. He beats the count and survives the round. 10-8, 20-17 Hunter.

Round three: Hunter digs to the body and looks to keep swinging. Douglas lands a stiff counter and is now throwing things other than jabs for once; Hunter's pawing at his right eye. Overhand right by Douglas, clinch. Lead hook lands for him. One minute in. Counter right from Hunter, then some jabs that Douglas counters with a 1-2. 1-2-3 from Hunter and a body blow. Overhand right from Douglas, clinch. Double jab from Douglas, then a long right hand that connects. One minute to go. Hunter whiffs on some counter, clinch. Douglas fires a right to the body and they clinch. Hunter wings some ugly punches until the bell and Douglas goes down on what looked like a blatant slip, but the ref calls it a knockdown. 10-9, 30-26 Hunter.

Round four: Hunter's got a cut over his right eye from an inadvertent butt. Hunter comes out swinging and floors Douglas with a wild left hook. He makes it up and Hunter presses the advantage. Counter hook by Douglas, Hunter walks through it and keeps throwing. One minute in. 1-2, uppercut land. Hunter lands some punches on the break, eats body shots. Hunter lands a pair of 1-2s and a heavy left hook. Hunter walking him down and splitting the guard. One minute to go. Right hand by Douglas. Hunter digs a body shot and forces Douglas to take a knee with some hard shots on the ropes. The referee tells him he's got one last shot. Douglas survives the round. 10-7, 40-33 Hunter.

They stop it in the corner.

Final result: Hunter def. Douglas by TKO (corner stoppage)

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