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Golovkin vs Lemieux: Abel Sanchez sees Hagler-Hearns style fight coming

Abel Sanchez sees action and an early night coming on Saturday night when Gennady Golovkin faces David Lemieux.

Gennady Golovkin's trainer Abel Sanchez has risen to fame alongside his best fighter over the last few years, and the talkative trainer had plenty of good things to say about Golovkin's upcoming opponent David Lemieux, though he doesn't see Lemieux as the best puncher that Golovkin has faced."

"He's a dangerous puncher, he's a dangerous guy. He's the kind of guy, similar to Golovkin, that the fans really want to see. He's going to put on the kind of fights that we as fans have been expecting and want to see," said Sanchez. "We're not going to have a dance, we're not going to have a waltz, we're not going to have a hugging contest. We're going to have a fight with two guys in front of each other trying to go for the throat, like David put it."

As for the biggest puncher, Sanchez said Curtis Stevens -- whom Golovkin beat thoroughly in 2013 -- was a better puncher than Lemieux, but not a better fighter.

"I think Lemieux is the biggest threat we've fought so far. Not necessarily the biggest puncher, I think Curtis may have been the bigger puncher. But David has reenergized himself. I think Marc Ramsay has done a heck of a job in the last four years with him, and he's in a position to take over the world, and he knows it."

As for the fight itself, Golovkin-Lemieux has generated a lot of buzz for its knockout and action potential, with two big middleweight punchers set to collide. Sanchez even brought up another all-time great middleweight bout in comparison.

"I think it's a Hagler-Hearns kind of fight, three or four rounds, balls out," he said. "David doesn't take a step back, Golovkin's obviously not gonna take a step back. They're gonna hit each other, and they're both big hitters. The guy that lands the first significant punch is gonna be able to finish off the other guy."

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