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Golovkin vs Lemieux: A Tale of Two Punchers (technique video)

Connor Ruebusch of Bad Left Hook breaks down the techniques and strategies of two of boxing's biggest punchers, Gennady Golovkin and David Lemieux, who will meet in the ring on October 17th.

Everyone loves a knockout, and nothing seems more certain in the upcoming fight between fan-favorite Gennady Golovkin and dark horse David Lemieux. Between them Golovkin and Lemieux have separated 61 of 67 opponents from their senses, giving this fight the feeling of a middleweight Foreman vs Lyle.

In this video I explore the mechanics of a power punch, with two of the most powerful boxers on the planet as my subjects, before going into the strategic subtleties that make both Lemieux and Golovkin such compelling fighters. Whether its Golovkin's complex, layered offense, or Lemieux's shotgun jab; Golovkin's varied but rusty boxing ability, or Lemieux's ever-improving defense, this matchup is a fascinating test for both fighters.

I don't know how Golovkin will respond to Lemieux's power, or vice versa, but I know I'm more than interested to see these two push one another to their limits. It's a tale of two punchers. Enjoy!

To watch this video on Youtube, follow this link.

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