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John David Jackson: Future is bright for Chris Algieri

John David Jackson is highly optimistic about the future of Chris Algieri.

Trainer John David Jackson was pleased with what Chris Algieri showed in their first fight together this past May, a somewhat surprisingly competitive and exciting loss to Amir Khan that probably did more to raise Algieri's stock than an easy win might have.

Jackson, who also trains Sergey Kovalev, said that Algieri is a "joy to work with," and a fighter who is willing to learn and listen in the gym, giving the pair a bright future together.

"Chris is a student of boxing. Anything I have taught him or showed him, he was willing to listen and absorb it. He believed in me, and it worked for him," Jackson said. "People didn't believe he could fight like that, but I knew that he could. Every fight with Chris could be different than the last. I might do something different next time, depending on the opponent. It's a joy to work with him. He comes in shape, takes care of his body, I don't have to worry about what he's doing as far the weight.

"He's just a joy to work with. He wanted to listen and it showed. Our future together is bright, because if he keeps listening, he'll not only get better, but win a lot of fights people didn't think he could win. Now they might not sell him so short, but he's definitely a guy to look out for in the future."

Algieri (20-2, 8 KO) has lost two straight counting his 2014 defeat against Manny Pacquiao, a fight -- and perhaps just as important, his old corner -- looked terribly overmatched. But that loss followed an upset win over Ruslan Provodnikov earlier that year, and Algieri, 31, still has some time to make a mark at 147 pounds.

Jackson believes that if Algieri gets back in the win column a couple of times, he'll be ready to face top guys at welterweight again.

"He's got to fight a couple guys with good names, but maybe on the way down. But still dangerous, so you can learn the game still. Maybe get one or two easier fights, not walkovers, but guys he can learn from and make him an even better. Then maybe two or three down the road, he can fight a bigger name fighter."

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