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Friday Night Knockout - Monaghan vs George: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Seanie Monaghan faces Don George in a light heavyweight main event tonight on truTV.

Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Tonight at 10 pm EST on truTV, Top Rank's Friday Night Knockout series returns from Aviator Sports Complex in Brooklyn, with popular local light heavyweight Seanie Monaghan facing Chicago's Don "Da Bomb" George in a 10-round main event.

In the co-feature, Brad Solomon will face Raymond "Tito" Serrano in a 10-round welterweight bout.

Monaghan (25-0, 16 KO) and George (25-4-2, 22 KO) appear pretty evenly matched on paper, and should provide some good action, too, which is the real reason that Monaghan is popular, and the reason this is a TV main event. Both guys have some power, don't exactly lean on their defensive abilities, and come to fight.

Solomon (25-0, 9 KO) is a stalled prospect looking to get moving, facing Serrano (21-2, 9 KO) in another seemingly well-matched fight. Solomon has been stuck at the same level for about five years now, and if he's going to become a contender, he needs to start now. For Serrano, this is a chance to knock off an unbeaten fighter and throw himself into the 147-pound mix against others in the Top Rank stable.

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Seanie Monaghan def. Don George by UD (100-90, 100-90, 99-91)

Brad Solomon def. Ray Serrano by UD (100-90, 98-92, 97-93)

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Round 1: George lands a good counter right for the first significant shot of the fight. Monaghan mostly in control this round, right there and working, and lands a couple shots later in the round. George lands a right to end the round. Monaghan takes the opener. Monaghan 10-9

Round 2: Monaghan working a simple game plan as always, and it's effective as it has always been, at least thus far. Don George lands another right, but Monaghan clipped him at pretty much the same time. Monaghan with a right hand with George on the ropes, then a looping overhand shot that scrapes George's head. Pace hasn't picked up yet, which Monaghan will be fine with if the fight stays like this. Monaghan with two good shots to the body. George lands a right to the head, Monaghan ties him up. Their heads have clashed a couple times. Monaghan may have a cut above his right eye. Stiff jab from Monaghan. Monaghan targeting the body again, George laying on the ropes and trying to find counter openings. Monaghan more active and winning the fight early, but Mancini sees George setting traps, and Seanie is cut, so we'll see. Monaghan 10-9, 20-18

Round 3: Monaghan wins another round. George has hurt his right hand, which has been an issue for him over the years. In the corner after the round, George looks in bad shape. Monaghan 10-9, 30-27

Round 4: George might as well be pulled out at this point. His hand is clearly damaged, he's shaking it every time he throws it, and clearly in pain. Monaghan landing clean shots because George is no longer mentally focused. Monaghan 10-9, 40-36

Round 5: After the 4th, doc clearly wants to stop the fight, but George literally begs him to "let me go out on my shield." Doctor acquiesces and the fight goes on. George, to his credit, is throwing everything he can, with both hands, to keep the doctor from stopping this fight on him. But Monaghan beats him up further this round, staying calm and collected, making George miss (not that it's too hard at this point) and landing clean shots. Monaghan 10-9, 50-45

Round 6: George lands a big shot coming out of the round. Monaghan just stays calm, though. George's dad/trainer apparently told Don he gets one more round here, and he's firing. He's fighting very tough, and he's using his right hand, which at this point has to be broken. George has nothing left but heart and toughness. Monaghan 10-9, 60-54

Round 7: Big round for Monaghan. George really has no more to give here. He's basically fighting because that's what he does. He won't quit and he's doing his best, but Monaghan has quietly won this fight handily to this point. Ha! HAND-ily. Monaghan 10-9, 70-63

Round 8: George's entire plan at this point is to see if he can get Monaghan to run into a wound up left hook. Monaghan landing clean shots but not hurting George, at least not visibly. George eating the shots. But eating shots = losing rounds. Monaghan 10-9, 80-72

Round 9: We continue on. Monaghan landing shots still. Tagging George at will. Not huge shots, but hitting him constantly. Monaghan 10-9, 90-81

Round 10: Big hug to end the fight after a round not much different than the rest. This was a gargantuan effort by Don George, but he was beaten clearly, too. Good job by referee Eddie Claudio. He didn’t get emotional. He kept an eye on the fight. George was fighting, he let him fight. Monaghan 10-9, 100-90


Round 1: Buddy McGirt is Serrano's new trainer. Solomon looking to establish his jab in the first half of the round, not getting it there. Serrano not landing anything either. Total feeling out round. Both guys just touching each other with half shots here and there. Solomon shooting long right hands, getting blocked. Literally nothing between them this round. 10-10

Round 2: Solomon jumps in the air to throw a right and a left hook. Body shot from Solomon, he's starting to pick up the pace a bit in round two. Serrano moving a lot more than he used to. Serrano seems to score a knockdown late in the round but it's ruled a slip by referee Harvey Dock. Solomon 10-9, 20-19

Round 3: This is a pretty ugly fight so far, Solomon leading the action and Serrano just reacting, which is turning into a lot of grabbing and holding. Serrano with a right off the chin, then Solomon flings a right hand that clips Serrano. This seems a little chippy. Serrano just not doing anything on offense, not that Solomon's doing a ton. But he's busier. Solomon 10-9, 30-28

Round 4: Serrano throwing first more in the first half of this round, including finally using his jab a little bit to work his way closer to Solomon, who is now doing nothing but squatting and feinting from distance. Solomon throwing these wide, slapping left hooks. Solomon doing a Mayweather impression now. He wants lead rights but he keeps not landing them. Solomon warned for using his elbows. Yeah, Mayweather impression. This round was close because once again nobody's really landing clean shots. Serrano 10-9, Solomon 39-38

Round 5: Solomon finally lands the straight right clean about 1:45 into the round, after more of the same before that. Serrano's jab is working better and better, but Solomon lands the right hand again. Left hook from Solomon, blocked. Solomon 10-9, 49-47

Round 6: Solomon wins another round here, he's just sort of in control of the tempo. Not that there's much of a tempo. This fight is showing why Solomon hasn't been on TV much, to be honest. Solomon 10-9, 59-56

Round 7: Solomon doing some Roy Jones nonsense now. This has been a night of impressions. Halloween prep? Solomon dominant in this round, though. I mean, relatively speaking. Landing more and in total control of the fight. Solomon 10-9, 69-65

Round 8: Solomon maybe a bit overconfident as he gets tagged a couple times by Serrano. Solomon's activity drops a bit this round, as he lets Serrano sort of get aggression out of his system, and Serrano backs off, looking a little tired. Solomon now picking his shots. Solomon with a good right that backs Serrano down and forces him to tie up for the 3000th time. Serrano started OK this round but Solomon took over in the final couple minutes. Solomon 10-9, 79-74

Round 9: This fight isn't terrible or anything but it's been a slow paced, sloppy fight with a lot of holding. Neither guy has looked particularly good, and that's when a fight can be tough to watch, I think. Solomon 10-9, 89-83

Round 10: Messy round, referee has to get overly involved to try and force some kind of action. Solomon landing the better shots when anyone does land. Neither guy looked good here. Solomon 10-9, 99-92

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