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Bernard Hopkins: A few fighters will be eager to face Golovkin after Lemieux win

Bernard Hopkins praises Gennady Golovkin's performance, but thinks there will be some fighters out there who are licking their chops to face GGG. Also, he hates David Lemieux's hair.

On Golovkin's win and some weaknesses

"You can't take nothing away from GGG. But I think that if Andre Ward or any other person the next grade up is watching, even with the victory they gotta be saying to themselves, they see something. And I think that's what people do when they watch other fights that could possibly be made in divisions that are up or down. To give a guy a report card on who they fight and how good your talents are compared to a guy he just fought, and that is David Lemieux."

On what's next for Lemieux

"Whatever's next for David Lemieux, it will be something respectable, and it will be something to keep him on the level that he deserves to stay. Not out of sympathy but just because he was willing to put all on the line to prove that he's the best in the division, the same way I did with Sergey Kovalev. Listen, I like to win all the time. Not sometimes, not maybe time, not part time. So this is going to be David saying, 'Hey, I had a great day because I went eight rounds.' But things will move on. Boxing always moves on. There are very short memories in boxing."

On the middleweight division

"It's in good hands, the middleweight division. It's gonna take a hell of a fighter and then some to beat a guy like GGG."

On the way the fight played out

"There are a few fighters, not a lot, that are probably licking their chops right now. They look at Lemieux as being a rugged gunslinger. When you're a gunslinger and you have shootouts, more than not you can be gotten, too. But when you're a gunslinger and you're facing a sniper. A sniper sits up, far away, and he'll poke your eyes out until you can't see no more with your jab. Then the right hand comes, and that's the bullet you didn't see. That's the sniper. A gunslinger shoots, he wants all his bullets to be in you."

On why Hopkins wasn't disappointed with Lemieux's performance

"GGG done something today that people didn't see coming, and that was the jab. He used his jab like a shotgun or a jackhammer. ... When a guy does something that we haven't seen him do because everybody he fought was scared to death and got hit with the right hand, we never seen that. They had the CompuBox, he damn near broke a record with jabs! And when you Lemieux and you got a style where you fight like this like Rocky Marciano in the 50s, you can't fight like that in 2015! You ain't comin' in no crouch with a guy that's taller than you and he got the jab. You can't get past that shotgun jab! That jab was knockin' his hair down! And for me, personally, I didn't like the hairdo. I would've cut the hair bald. Look at the psychological advantage. ... When they see the hair fly, the hair waving, it could be a punch that glanced you, but to the judges it looks like you got your wig knocked back. Those small, subtle things."

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