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Golovkin vs Lemieux: 13th Round fight review

Scott Christ and Connor Ruebusch of Bad Left Hook review the middleweight unification fight between Gennady Golovkin and David Lemieux.

Gennady Golovkin took on one of the most dangerous opponents of his professional career last night, but you'd never know that by watching him work. David Lemieux did his best, but it wasn't enough to avoid becoming the 21st in Golovkin's unbelievable string of knockout victories.

From the first bell Golovkin went to work with his jab, which was in top form, throwing it with subtle variations of rhythm and power that kept Lemieux from adapting until several rounds had already elapsed. By the middle rounds, Lemieux had resigned himself to the punishment and began marching forward, throwing thudding combinations to Golovkin's head and body. Despite landing a few solid shots, Lemieux was never able to shake Golovkin, who stayed disciplined and picked Lemieux apart with surgical precision until referee Steve Willis had finally seen enough in the 8th round.

Scott Christ and Connor Ruebusch review the action in this edition of the 13th Round.

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