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Eubank Jr. targeting Golovkin, sees chinks in his armor

Chris Eubank Jr. says he's coming for Gennady Golovkin, and sees gaps in his game that he can take advantage of.

Richard Heathcote/Getty Images

It's fairly atypical for fighters to be calling out a man with 21 consecutive knockouts, but that's exactly what Chris Eubank Jr. is doing. Eubank Jr. currently has a December 12th fight with Spike O’Sullivan on schedule, but he's looking towards a title fight in 2016 and has Golovkin in his sights.

"People see Golovkin as the top fighter in the middleweight division and, the type of fighter I am, I want to fight the best," said Eubank.

"I want to prove that I can mix it and beat these guys. Anyone in the middleweight division that has a belt - I want to fight them. There is no reason that within the next two years, I can't have all those belts.

Eubank Jr. believes he's going to get most of those belts by taking care of Golovkin, who he insists has some deficiencies that he can capitalize on.

"I think he's easy to hit and I can exploit that. I don't think he's had a defining fight. I don't think he's fought anyone who's really been there to try and win."

Even Eubank Sr., a former British fighter himself draws an analogy of his son fighting Golovkin to when he took on Nigel Benn a couple of decades ago.

"I'm not as cagey or cautious as Junior. I've been there and done this. Back in 1990 I fought Nigel Benn and I don't know any critic who said I should have taken that fight. It's the same thing with Golovkin - Christopher beats him now."

My question to you folks is, does anyone else believe that Eubank Jr. beats Golovkin?

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