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Saunders: Golovkin would decapitate Eubank Jr.

Billy Joe Saunders says it's silly for Chris Eubank to say his son could beat Gennady Golovkin when Eubank Jr. isn't even on the same level as himself or Andy Lee.

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Wil Esco is an assistant editor of Bad Left Hook and has been covering boxing for SB Nation since 2014.

A lot of people scoffed at Chris Eubank Jr. saying he was targeting Gennady Golovkin, suggesting he saw deficiencies in Golovkin's game that he would capitalize on. Well, Billy Joe Saunders, who has a win over Eubank Jr., took a a shot at both Eubank Jr. and his father for their boasting.

"It's funny how people are thinking that Eubank is going to be some elite fighter now he's trained by Adam Booth," said Saunders in a press release issued by Queensberry Promotions. "The fact is he was outclassed by me and he is nowhere near the elite level of guys like myself and Andy Lee.

"Eubank isn't good enough to become a recognized world champion and he lives off his father's name. After Golovkin, Andy and I are the next best guys in the division and Eubank will never be at that level.

"Golovkin would decapitate him if they were to ever fight, so his old man should probably keep quiet about saying [Eubank Jr.] would beat [Golovkin]!"

Saunders went on to say that his upcoming fight with Andy Lee will be the toughest of his career and that he can't hope to coast through this fight like he says he did with Eubank Jr. So surely there is no love lost here between Saunders and Eubank Jr., but Saunders does have a point -- relax, young padawan.

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