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Virginia comission to investigate Prichard Colon case

With Prichard Colon still in a coma, the Virginia boxing commission has launched an internal investigation into "the situation, the incident and the cause."

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

With welterweight prospect Prichard Colon still in a coma following emergency surgery to fix a brain bleed suffered in last Saturday's fight with Terrel Williams on NBC, the VIrginia boxing commission has already launched an investigation to figure out what exactly happened with the fighter, the corner, the officials, and the doctor in Fairfax.

Colon, who lost the fight when he was disqualified after round nine, his corner having mistakenly begun the process of removing his gloves, unaware it had not been the final round, is breathing on his own but remains in a dire situation in the hospital.

Spokeswoman Mary Vaughn had this to say to the Los Angeles Times:

"It's far too premature to explore who said what to whom and when. [Commissioner] David [Holland] hasn't indicated everything he said. He expressed to [the corners] to get the fighters under control, and not to engage in stall tactics. Right now, we're like everyone else, still hopeful of Prichard's full recovery."

Holland did have an exchange with Colon in the fighter's corner at one point during the bout. It was a fight that got very dirty on both sides, with Williams hitting Colon behind the head several times, and Colon straying low a handful of times, including one very low blow that knocked Williams to the canvas and cost the Puerto Rican fighter two points.

The most notable rabbit punch of the fight from Williams also saw a point taken by referee Joe Cooper. After that blow, Colon held the back of his head for an extended period of time and spoke with the ringside physician, reportedly indicating to the doctor that he was dizzy. Colon's family has requested a copy of the fight, and according to the Times, "at least one member of Colon's camp [say] that his complaints were dismissed as 'faking.'"

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