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VIDEO: Shannon Briggs makes intriguing statement


Shannon "The Cannon" Briggs, a rare fighter who has shared the ring with George Foreman, Lennox Lewis, Vitali Klitschko, and Raphael Zumbano Love, has been on a lengthy mission to secure a fight with world heavyweight champion Wladimir Klitschko, despite the fact that Briggs, 43, has not fought a contender in five years and the last time he was in a ring with a Klitschko, Vitali pummeled him mercilessly in Germany.

Anyway, here's the latest update from Briggs:

cannon_briggs What's come over you champ? Nothing I'm just sick of The Robot Pie Wladimir Klitschko and his girlfriend Beyoncé Wilder stinking up boxing. Al Haymon ain't put me down, the ratings sucky ducky ain't right champ. I'm stressed out champ. They won't let me loose on TV and give the people what they want which is full entertainment champ. Imagine the champ on a 24/7 or a all access. Let me loose. #LETSGOCHAMP I'm the champ the people want to see me bend somebody face in. #LETSGOCHAMP it's all good though. Me & #MooMooFat good. We stay chillin laughing watching cartoons eating healthy. My time coming again champ I'm the champ just like you champ #LETSGOCHAMP #LETSGOCHAMP #LETSGOCHAMP

I do like the inclusion of Deontay "Beyoncé" Wilder as a potential target, as well as Briggs using the accent mark in Beyoncé's name. That's good stuff.

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