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Canelo to GGG: 155lbs or no fight

Canelo Alvarez says he's learned his lesson from fighting Floyd Mayweather and won't be giving up any more weight advantages. So if Golovkin wants to fight, he'll have to meet him at the 155lb Canelo division.

In this video interview with FightHype, Canelo Alvarez talks about a potential fight with Gennady Golovkin should he get past Miguel Cotto. To begin, he says that he's not looking past Cotto but he would love to fight someone like Golovkin -- as long as it's on his terms.

Alvarez says the first thing he learned from fighting Floyd Mayweather (a bout that was contested at a 152lb catchweight) was not to give up any weight advantages to his opponents. He says his body isn't ready to move into the middleweight division and if Golovkin wants to fight, he'll have to come down to his preferred weight of 155lbs or it's no deal.

So although the WBC has stated the winner of Cotto-Canelo must face Golovkin next, negotiating either of those fights to fruition is far from a foregone conclusion. Golovkin has previously stated that he'd only move below middleweight for a Mayweather fight, so it's questionable whether he'd be willing to concede to these terms dictated by Canelo. But one might also surmise that Golovkin's recent flop on PPV has really just given both Cotto and Canelo heavy leverage in negotiating any potential fight, and GGG might be low enough on bargaining chips that he just has to take whatever is on the table for a big name bout.

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