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ShoBox - Brant vs Rose: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Rob Brant takes on Louis Rose in the main event of tonight's ShoBox tripleheader.


Tonight at 10:30 pm EST on Showtime, ShoBox: The New Generation is back with a tripleheader from Celebrity Theater in Phoenix, headlined by middleweights Rob Brant and Louis Rose in a 10-round bout.

Brant (17-0, 11 KO) is a native of St. Paul, Minnesota, a 25-year-old fighter with wins over a few familiar names like Dionisio Miranda, Marcus Upshaw, and Ryan Davis. Rose (13-2-1, 5 KO) is a Los Angeles fighter with two straight wins following a first round knockout loss to blue chipper Ievgen Khytrov in 2014.

Heavyweights Jarrell Miller (14-0-1, 12 KO) of Brooklyn and Ahror Muralimov (14-1, 11 KO) of Houston by way of Uzbekistan will meet in an eight-round bout, and in the opener, light heavyweights Lavarn Harvell (15-1, 8 KO) of Atlantic City and Samuel Clarkson (16-3, 10 KO) of Cedar Hills, Texas, will do battle in another eight round fight.

The show was originally supposed to be a four-fight bill, but the Harmonito Dela Torre vs Angel Luna fight was canceled earlier this week.

Patrick L. Stumberg has the round by round call tonight, so join us!


Rob Brant def. Louis Rose by majority decision (95-95, 96-94 x2)

Jarrell Miller def. Ahror Muralimov by KO at 1:03 of Round Three

Samuel Clarkson def. Lavarn Harvell by TKO at 0:48 of Round Two


Rob Brant vs. Louis Rose

Round one: Tentative start. Right to the body by Rose. Stiff jabs by Brant. Rose bounces a 1-1-2 off his guard. One minute in. Brant using distance well. Rose to the body. Hard straight right from Brant. Rose with a flurry, eats a right hand in the clinch. Brant with a hook as Rose leans, Rose lands another right downstairs. One minute in. Straight right by Brant. 3-2 lands. Rose with some jabs and a right in the last few seconds. 10-9 Brant.

Round two: Good jab by Brant, left hook on the pivot. 1-1-2 by Rose, then a check hook after taking a couple of body blows. Right by Rose, left hook from Brant. Brant's looking for the big right hand, lands one. One minute in. Check hook by Brant. Rose just misses with an uppercut. Brant's jab is clearly the harder of the two. Overhand right and body shot from Brant, who gets him to the corner and looks for the overhand. Rose backs him off. One minute in. Another cross by Brant. Rose jabbing, lands a counter right. Counter jab and body shot by Rose. Straight right from Brant. He lands a body shot at the bell. 10-9, 20-18 Brant.

Round three: Brant keeping up the ramrod jab. Rose with a combination. Hook to the body. They trade body shots, then head shots. Rose landing a steady stream of punches. Clinch. One minute in. Rose with a right downstairs. 2-1-2 by Brant connects. Flurry from Rose. Body shot. Overhand right lands, then a right to the body. 2-1 by Brant. One minute to go. Good 3-2 by Brant. Clinch. Brant lands a right cross. Rose digs a right to the body. 1-2-1 by Brant, Rose comes back with a 1-2 to end the round. 10-9 Rose, 29-28 Brant.

Round four: Rose pushing forward, eats a stiff jab from Brant. Straight right from Brant. Jab exchange. Counter right by Rose. Overhand right by Brant in return. One minute in. Rose with a 1-2 and lands a right inside. Counter right from Brant, Rose keeps moving forward. Right cross from Brant, body shot by Rose. One minute to go. Brant to the body, counter right upstairs. Hard straight left rattles Rose and Brant digs in with hard shots in the corner. Rose backs him off with an overhand right.  10-9, 39-37 Brant.

Round five: Good exchange in the corner. Nice flurry by Rose. Counter right by Brant. Uppercut and right cross by Brant. Left hook by Brant, Rose to the body in return. One minute in. Brant's jab still the sharper of the two. Rose to the body. Nice counter right, clinch. Clubbing shots by Brant inside. One minute to go. Rose to the body. counter right by Brant, left hook from Rose. Another counter right by Brant. 1-2-3 from Rose. 10-9, 49-46 Brant.

Round six: Brant with a 1-2 and they tie up, trading chipping punches. Rose warned for rabbit punches. Rose to the body, eats a left hook upstairs. Good straight right from Brant. One minute in. They exchange near the center, no clean contact. Rose with a pair of body shots after eating a counter right. Rose warned for a low right hand. Nice combination from Brant, Rose immediately fires back. Rose to the body. Another hard step-through left by Brant. 10-9, 59-55 Brant.

Round seven: Rose busy early on. Counter right lands for him. Rose with a combination on the ropes. Brant keeping up the jab as Rose advances. One minute in. Straight right lands for Rose. Right hand lands for Brant. Combination by Brant, chopping right inside. One minute to go. Lead hook by Brant, Rose comes back with body shots. Another elad hook lands, then a 2-3. Clinch. Rose to the body, then a 1-2 through the guard. Body shot by Rose, check hook after eating an overhand. 10-9 Rose, 68-65 Brant.

Round eight: Big left hand by Brant early. Rose ties up and they both land short shots inside. Heavy shots form Brant, Rose walking through them. Brant staying aggressive. Overhand right from Brant, clinch. One minute in. Rose looking for 1-2s. Brant's jab still working well. Rose to the body. Hard combination from Brant, one of his best of the fight. Rose to the body. One minute to go. Rose walking  him down. 2-1, clinch from Brant. Rose clawing his way back into the round. Overhand right from Brant, clinch. Both land combinations before the bell. Close round. 10-9, 78-74 Brant.

Round nine: Rose to the body. Rapid-fire jabs from Brant. Rose continues to walk him down. Uppercut by Rose lands. One minute in. 1-2-1-2 from Brant, all land. Short upper, Rose with an uppercut upstairs and a left hook as they move off the ropes. Both fire lead hooks, Rose follows it with a combination. One minute to go. Volume from Rose is winning the round. Counter combo by Brant. Right hands by Brant in the clinch. Very active final minute of the round. 10-9 Rose, 87-84 Brant.

Round ten: Nice combinations to start the round. Rose is sitting down on his punches now.Brant's using the jab but he's taking some punches here. Good rights by Brant, Rose backs him off iwth a flurry. One minute in. Brant wading in with power shots. Rose is landing some good counters. Hard 1-2 by Brant, Rose continues to attack and earns another warning for a low blow. Good exchange on the ropes. Another long left by Brant. One minute to go. Rose on the ropes, Brant looking to capitalize. Lead right by Brant, body shots by Rose. They swing until the bell. Good scrap. 10-9 Rose, 96-94 Brant.

Final result: Brant def. Rose by unanimous decision

Jarrell Miller vs. Ahror Muralimov

Round one: Muralimov goes to the body to start. Straight right to the gut lands for him. Good check hook. Chopping right from Miller. One minute in. Another check hook by Muralimov, then a good hook to the body. Miller plodding forward, eats another body shot. More good body shots. Miller looking for 1-2s as Muralimov leans in, eats another body hook. More body shots. One minute to go. Counter right by Muralimov, who's doing some very solid work. They exchange and Miller lands a solid left hook. He keeps walking into left hooks. He walks into one more before the bell. 10-9 Muralimov.

Round two: Miller tossing out his jab. 1-1-2 connects. Clinch. Hard overhand rights from Muralimov. They swing in the corner, heavy shots by Miller. Miller opening up on the ropes, eats a couple overhands. One minute in. Jabs and right hands by the American. Body shots by Miller, overhand right by Muralimov. Combination by Miller and they trade bombs on the ropes. Miller building a lot of momentum after a rough first round. One minute to go. Clinch. Stiff jabs by Muralimov. 1-2 by Miller, hard right hand begins a flurry that Muralimov eats on the chin. Not a bad big boy fight. 10-9 Miller, 19-19.

Round three: Clinch to start. Muralimov to the body, which he neglected last round. Uppercut from Miller. Miller backs him to the ropes and goes to work with combinations. He stuns Muralimov with an overhand right, lines him up with his left hand, then destroys him with a right cross. Muralimov crumbles to the canvas and, while he wakes  up, elects not to return to his feet.

Final result: Miller def. Muralimov by KO

Lavarn Harvell vs. Samuel Clarkson

Round one: Harvell circling to start, flicking out jabs. Straight left downstairs by Clarkson. Another, then a right hook up top. Harvell to the body, takes another straight left. One minute in. 1-2-1 from Clarkson, Harvell with a right to the body. Harvell opens up on the ropes. Right to the body. Nice 2-3-2 by Clarkson to get off the ropes. Harvell with a left downstairs, then  1-2. Clarkson answers in kind. One minute to go. 2-3 by Clarkson, right hands by Harvell. Good exchange in the corner. Harvell whacks away to the body, but leaves himself open to a right hook that takes his feet out from under him. He makes it up and seems steady. Hard right hook by Clarkson, who knocks him down again with a flurry before the bell. 10-7 Clarkson.

Round two: Hard combination by Clarkson backs Harvell to the ropes, where Clarkson knocks him silly with a straight left and smashes him with several more punches before Harvell hits the ground. He makes it up, amazingly, but he's not there at all and his corner moves to stop it. Savage finish by Clarkson.

Final result: Clarkson def. Harvell by TKO

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