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Crawford vs Jean: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Terence Crawford takes on Dierry Jean in tonight's HBO main event from Omaha.

Mikey Williams/Top Rank

Tonight's HBO World Championship Boxing broadcast begins at 9:30 pm EST, with two replays from last week's HBO pay-per-view card ahead of the live main event from Omaha featuring the return of WBO junior welterweight titleholder Terence Crawford, who will make his first title defense at 140 pounds.

Crawford (26-0, 18 KO) will be facing Haitian-Canadian Dierry Jean (29-1, 20 KO), a former world title challenger who came up short in his January 2014 shot against Lamont Peterson. Jean is an even bigger underdog in this fight, as he's fighting in Crawford's hometown, and Crawford is the reigning Fighter of the Year and a rising star with big network support and a power promoter.

Undercard fights from Omaha will stream live at Top Rank TV, too, beginning at 7:30 pm EST. Notable fighters in action include welterweight Mikael Zewski, heavyweight Andy Ruiz Jr, and former featherweight titleholder Evgeny Gradovich.

Join us tonight for the fights!

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Terence Crawford def. Dierry Jean by TKO (2:30 of round 10)

Andy Ruiz Jr def. Raphael Zumbano Love by unanimous decision (80-70, 80-72, 80-72)

Mikael Zewski def. Ayi Bruce by KO (1:41 of round 5)

Evgeny Gradovich def. Aldimar Silva by split decision (78-74, 79-71, 75-77)

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Round 1: Pretty sleepy round with Crawford in control throughout, and then he decks Jean with a right hand just before the end of the round. Crawford 10-8

Round 2: Crawford really effectively switch hitting tonight, fighting better out of the southpaw stance than orthodox so far, but really nothing going wrong for him at all. Jean just has no answers for his skill level right now. Crawford 10-9, 20-17

Round 3: Crawford just patiently and surgically picking Jean apart in this fight. Jean can't get untracked out there, he can't get close enough, and he can't score from range, and when he does step in, Crawford hits him. Pretty much a rout so far. Crawford just a lot better than Jean. Crawford 10-9, 30-26

Round 4: Crawford dominates another round, just jabbing Jean at will, landing hooks, going to the body. Crawford has a look about him like he's kinda sleepwalking through this. He's not, obviously, but that's how relaxed his body language is. He looks like he's just operating on instinct. It's pretty incredible. Crawford 10-9, 40-35

Round 5: Crawford is just in total control in this fight. He's putting it on Jean. Nothing Jean tries is working. Everything he tries it seems like Crawford has scouted. Bud is looking nasty tonight. Crawford 10-9, 50-44

Round 6: Dierry Jean is overmatched. Like, Crawford was an absurd betting favorite, and should have been, but it's not that Dierry Jean is a bad fighter or "has no business here." This is more in line with the Mayweather style betting mismatches -- the other guy might be good, or even real good, or even borderline great, but they're not on the level of the favorite. I don't want to compare Crawford to Mayweather or Marvin Hagler or Robinson or whatever HBO might do in the next five minutes here. Anyway, Jean even lands a couple decent shots, but Crawford is then right on him with better shots. Crawford 10-9, 60-53

Round 7: Jean just reaching his left arm out now in an attempt to keep Crawford at bay. He really does nothing offensively in this round. Crawford wiping him out in this fight. Crawford 10-9, 70-62

Round 8: Crawford owns the round again before Jean hits him with a clean, hard right hand, which results in Crawford becoming annoyed at himself for letting that happen, and he puts the rush on Jean. Dierry hits him with another good right, Crawford again ignores it and comes right at him. Crawford 10-9, 80-71

Round 9: Crawford comes out really aggressive this round before composing himself and slowing it down. Dierry Jean buckled and then down again late in round 9. Jean complaining that it was a rabbit punch but officially a knockdown. Crawford 10-8, 90-79

Round 10: Fast start this round for Crawford again. You gotta give it to Dierry Jean here for surviving that push. Also told his corner not to throw in the towel when they were about to do so. Body shots from Crawford, nasty body shots. Jean lands another clean right, but it does nothing. Another knockdown and Tony Weeks gets in there to stop the fight. Crawford TKO-10

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