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Arum: I'm not sad about Pacquiao's retirement

Bob Arum says that he's not sad about losing his cash cow in Manny Pacquiao, instead saying that Pacquiao will need all of his mental faculties to be an effective politician.

Harry How/Getty Images

If Bob Arum is somewhat anxious about losing biggest star to retirement he sure isn't showing it. In fact, Bob Arum says that he doesn't feel sad at all that Manny Pacquiao will only be entering the ring one final time - stating Pacquiao will need all of his energy for his new career in politics.

"Manny told me this would be his last fight and I'm not sad about it because he's going on to a political career which will require a lot of mental acuity, so you don't want him to stay in boxing too long," Arum told ESPN.

"It's a real job and if Manny is serious about wanting to be president, these six years in the senate would be like an audition and for him to show his people that he really is a serious politician."

Arum also added that if Pacquiao were to stay in boxing too long his mental functions could be impaired, thus it's better for him to leave with all his wits about him.

Meanwhile, Pacquiao continues to pare down his list of final opponents, with early indications that Terence Crawford is leading the way for a fight that would take place at 140lbs. I'm sure Amir Khan has some thoughts about that...

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