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Hearn hopes Khan "wakes up" and fights Brook

Eddie Hearn thinks an Amir Khan vs. Kell Brook fight makes all the sense in the world right now, except that he thinks Khan is afraid to lose to Brook.

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

With there being some strong suspicions that Manny Pacquiao will be taking on Terence Crawford in Pacquiao's final fight next Spring, Amir Khan looks like he could end up as just another afterthought. Eddie Hearn tells FightHype that he has a big fight ready for Khan, but Khan just has to step up to the plate to make it happen.

"I think the fact is Amir Khan does not want to lose to Kell Brook. He's not stupid. He knows there is a good chance of that happening. He calls out virtually everyone in the division, but fails to call out the number 1 ranked Welterweight in the world, Kell Brook. There isn't really much we can do. Let's hope Amir wakes up and fancies a shot at a world title, a bucket load of money, creating history, and giving the British boxing fans what they want."

If Amir Khan does miss out on the Manny Pacquiao fight, and continues to skirt a Brook fight, there might not be many viable options in the top 10 welterweight landscape for the rest of the year. A number of those fighters are already lining up their own matches, and I'm sure Khan is hoping to at least be able to secure a Danny Garcia rematch before the year is out.

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