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Prichard Colon still in coma, but showing signs of improvement

Prichard Colon, although still in a coma, has been taken off breathing machines and pressure monitors on his brain as he begins to show signs of improvement.

Patrick Smith/Getty Images

Welterweight Prichard Colon has recently been showing some signs of improvement, to the point where he's now been taken off ventilators and had pressure monitors on his brain removed. So despite suffering a serious brain injury, he does appear to be in much better condition than he was. Colon suffered a serious brain bleed and underwent emergency surgery following his recent disqualification loss to Terrel Williams on PBC on NBC.

"He no longer needs a ventilator, and the doctors have removed the pressure monitors on the brain, which is a very good sign," promoter Lou DiBella, who put on the card on behalf of the PBC, told on Monday. "Physically, according to the family, Prichard looks 1,000 percent better than he did, and he's showing signs of moving his extremities. But he's not out of the coma. He's not awake. But that said, the family is far more optimistic and hopeful than it was. The doctors feel like Prichard's recovery is as good as can be expected at this point."

Following Colon's loss to Williams, in a fight where Colon took a number of illegal punches to the back of the head, he walked back to his dressing room under his own power, but soon got dizzy, vomited, and collapsed. He then had to be rushed to Inova Fairfax Hospital. The circumstances surrounding this incident is currently be investigated by the Virginia Commission.

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