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Arum wants Bradley-Rios winner to fight Canelo

Bob Arum is already looking towards the future and would like the winner of Bradley-Rios to take on Canelo Alvarez next.

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

"Schemers trying to control their little worlds," is how the late Heath Ledger once described it. And Bob Arum is one of the best schemers in the boxing business. Arum has already named Bradley as one of the finalists on Pacquiao's list of opponents for his last fight, but it seems that he wouldn't push for that particular fight since two rather lackluster performances between the two have already taken place.

So Arum has another grand plan, putting the winner of Bradley-Rios in with Canelo Alvarez in a junior middleweight fight, should Canelo beat Miguel Cotto next month.

"If Bradley wins and is not fighting Pacquiao, I'd like to make him with Canelo. That's a good fight," Arum told "If Canelo beats Cotto, I've talked to (Alvarez promoter) Oscar (De La Hoya) about the winner of Bradley-Rios fighting Canelo, and he loves it."

Bradley has gone on record before stating he would be willing to go up to 154 (155 in this case?) for a shot at another title - but Brandon Rios would take that fight as well if he can get this win.

"This is such an important fight," Robert Garcia, Rios' trainer, said on Tuesday at Rios' media workout. "Win this, and we can fight (Terence) Crawford or the winner of Canelo versus Cotto. We will listen to (manager) Cameron Dunkin, who will tell us what works best. We expect to beat Bradley, win the title and move on."

It's hard for me to see how Rios would stand a chance against someone like Canelo, but hey, fights like this happen pretty regularly. You tell me, fans. How do you like the idea of Bradley/Rios fighting Canelo next?

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