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Garcia: I'd fight Crawford right now if Top Rank would let me walk

Mikey Garcia tells FightHype he'd be willing to fight Terence Crawford right now if Top Rank would allow him to part ways with the promotional company after the fight.

In the news front of inactive fighters, Mikey Garcia sits down with FightHype to talk a little about his status in boxing limbo. Garcia, who has been in a promotional dispute with Top Rank for what feels like forever now, says he'd be willing to face upcoming star Terence Crawford right now if Top Rank would allow him to walk afterwards.

I love it. I love it so much that I'm now channeling my inner Dwight Schrute: "Say yes, Bob. Three. Two. One. Say it. Yes. Yes. Yes."

Unfortunately Bob Arum is unlikely to agree to such terms. Mikey Garcia says Arum would require him signing a multiple fight deal to make a fight like that, which would effectively be like signing a contact extension with a company he wants ever so badly to be rid of. Garcia even says that Top Rank hasn't mentioned a fight for him in a very long time, which means he could continue to remain on the sidelines indefinitely, unless he can get the courts to intervene in the meanwhile.

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