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Robert Garcia: Brandon Rios more motivated for Bradley fight, talks Canelo

Robert Garcia weighs in on Bradley-Rios, Brandon Rios' focus, and a possible fight with Canelo Alvarez.

On Bradley-Rios

"It's not an easy fight. We're less than two weeks away and we're excited. We're ready for the fight. We know it's not going to be an easy fight. Timothy Bradley's been a great champion. For the past four or five years he's been on top of the welterweight division. Pound for pound, one of the best fighters. So we know it's not an easy fight. But Brandon's trained very hard. He's motivated, and he's ready to go out and beat Timothy Bradley."

On whether Rios' motivation carries over from the Alvarado fight

"For this fight, he's more motivated. He decided to do training camp away from home. He's doing training camp here in Riverside. We've been here three months already. He knows this will be harder than Alvarado. We all thought that would be hard, and it turned out not to be. So this fight -- you never know. Same thing could happen. You never know in boxing. But we're expecting a very tough fight."

On a potential fight with Canelo Alvarez

"Look, right now, Canelo has a very hard fight against Cotto also. So we can't say the winner fights Canelo because Cotto could ruin everybody's plans. Right now we're focused on Timothy Bradley. That's our main concern. That's all Brandon wants to think about. He's not thinking about who he's fighting next. But if that's available, why not? If we could work something out with Canelo's people -- but that's not the only fight available. There's more fights at welterweight. There's also junior welterweights that Top Rank promote and Cameron Dunkin manages we could do something with. If we're able to beat Timothy Bradley, Brandon could pick. He'd have lot of choices, and all of them would be huge."

On Rios' future

"At this stage of Brandon's career, we gotta be smart. We gotta do business. The only person that we've green lighted to do that is Cameron Dunkin. If Cameron thinks that's the best thing we should do, we're gonna do it. If Cameron thinks we should stay at 147, we're gonna do it. If Cameron thinks we should maybe do a catchweight against someone coming up from 140, then we're gonna do that. We leave that up to Cameron Dunkin."

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