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Matthysse vs Postol: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Lucas Matthysse takes on Viktor Postol, and Humberto Soto faces Antonio Orozco in a junior welterweight doubleheader.

Tonight at 10:15 pm EST on HBO, Lucas Matthysse and Viktor Postol headline a junior welterweight doubleheader from the magical StubHub Center in Carson, California, with the vacant WBC 140-pound title on the line in the main event.

Matthysse (37-3, 34 KO) is an all-action fan favorite, but he can't take the unbeaten Postol (27-0, 11 KO) lightly tonight, as the Ukrainian contender has a lot of skills and doesn't make many mistakes. Matthysse challenged for this belt in 2013, but lost to Danny Garcia, and believe it or not, in an era where it seems everyone of any note has held at least one world title, Matthysse has yet to do so. (He did hold an interim WBC belt in 2012-13, however.)

In the co-feature, it's a really solid veteran vs prospect matchup as Mexico's Humberto Soto (65-8-2, 35 KO) meets countryman Antonio Orozco (22-0, 15 KO), who now fights out of San Diego. This is sort of a sink-or-swim scenario for Orozco, a 27-year-old fighter who hasn't progressed as quickly as might have been imagined when he turned pro in 2008. He looked good in a May win over tough Emmanuel Taylor, and since Soto hasn't fought in over a year, he could be getting "La Zorrita" at an opportune time.

BLH will be here with live round by round results for both fights, followed by immediate post-fight analysis.

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Viktor Postol def. Lucas Matthysse by knockout (2:58 of round 10)

Antonio Orozco def. Humberto Soto by unanimous decision (97-92, 97-92, 98-91)

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Round 1: Postol with a little jabbing to start. Matthysse lands a charging left hook to the side of the head, partially blocked. Matthysse with a shot to the body, blocks the follow-up upstairs. Postol with a nice 1-2, the right hand really landed hard. Postol clinching a lot when Matthysse gets close, or he gets too close to Matthysse. Matthysse gets this round pretty easily. Matthysse 10-9

Round 2: Postol coming out throwing right hands from range. Postol avoiding action now, moving side to side and keeping Matthysse away. It's what he needs to do, and he has about a five-inch height advantage, so you can't argue, but you don't have to like it. I don't. I hate it. Someone hit someone. Matthysse clubs a right hand while they're in the clinch. Both warned for wrestling. Postol with a couple slappy jabs. All in all you have to say he's controlling this round. Postol 10-9, 19-19

Round 3: Postol picking up the pace a bit this round and Matthysse is really having a horrible time getting inside on him. Matthysse gets in a body shot but it's so little overall output for him, just hard for him to get going. Postol really cleverly controlling the distance flicking his jab out, and disrupting the rhythm of the fight constantly with some timely clinches. Again, don't have to like it but if the referee is going to let it go, it's effective. Klitschko and Calzaghe became big time fighters doing this stuff. Postol 10-9, 29-28

Round 4: Postol really building up confidence in this fight. Matthysse is...not. I mean, obviously Lucas is dangerous all the time, but Postol is outboxing and outthinking him. Lucas just can't get past the jab effectively, and Viktor is mixing in some body shots with the right hand now. Left hook from Postol lands. Postol 10-9, 39-37

Round 5: Good left hook to the body and a right hand up top from Matthysse a little over a minute in. Postol takes it well for now. Postol smacks back with a couple right hands. Postol jabbing and moving. Matthysse throws body shots and Postol ties up. Matthysse starting to fight with more urgency, which is probably for the best on his side. Liked Matthysse by a bit this round. Matthysse 10-9, Postol 48-47

Round 6: Lucas coming out throwing the hook. Postol back with a combo and a hook of his own. Right hand from Matthysse. Postol firing some measured right uppercuts. There's a right hand over the top from Matthysse. This is heating up. Left hook from Matthysse, short shot that got there. Hard right from Matthysse! That was clean. Postol gets out of trouble as quickly as he can. Postol given a second warning for holding. Good refereeing from Reiss. I mean, it's a lot of holding, and blatant. Matthysse really picking it up. Postol shoved to the canvas, no knockdown. Matthysse 10-9, 57-57

Round 7: Now we have to see if Postol can take back the momentum, because Matthysse really took over last round. Right hand Matthysse wobbles Postol! Matthysse coming in and there's a HARD clash of heads! That stops the action for a moment. Matthysse winging power shots now. He's chasing and fully pressuring now, without any fear of what's coming back from Postol. Uppercut from Postol gets in. Matthysse taking risks still, willing to get hit. Combo inside from Postol, combo back from Lucas, nobody landing clean there. Postol landing little shots, Matthysse with a left hook and a right hand over the top that lands. Another right from Matthysse. Postol tries to clinch, Matthysse clubs away with the free hand. Left hook Matthysse. Postol is getting hit with too many clean power shots, but he's holding up so far. Nice combo from Postol rocks Matthysse's head around and hurts Lucas a bit at the end of the round! Matthysse 10-9, 67-66

Round 8: This fight continues to get better. Postol making Matthysse miss and popping away again to start this round, looking to again keep range. Postol really starting this round more aggressively and looking sharp. Right hand from Postol and Matthysse got hurt there! Another right hand lands. Matthysse is definitely feeling the not-so-vaunted power of Viktor Postol. Really big round for Viktor Postol. Postol 10-9, 76-76

Round 9: This has not been a consistent night for Matthysse, but it has been for Postol. The differences in the rounds are whether or not Matthysse is really involved and able to do any damage. Postol is the same basically every round, pre- and post-holding. Postol doing some more damage in this round. Postol is really in control right now. Postol 10-9, 86-85

Round 10: Matthysse looks so limited in this fight. His punch variety is sorely lacking. Postol is jabbing well, keeping distance well, throwing combinations. His 1-2 has been good. He moves nicely. Right now he's in control, and Plans A and B have both worked. But Lucas is always dangerous, and this fight could still be up for grabs. I see it that way anyway, and I'm thoroughly interested in seeing how this goes the rest of the way. Postol with a right hand that drops Matthysse! Matthysse does not get up! He stays on his knees for the 10! Wow! Viktor Postol KO-10


Round 1: Who on EARTH thought Buffer should call HUMBERTO SOTO not just "legendary" but a "future Hall of Fame fighter"? Who wrote that card? Soto controlling the first couple of minutes, lands a nice left hook and working off his jab. Soto with a nice first round, but man does he look old with that thinning hair. That's not saying anything other than just saying that. Some observational commentary for you guys. Soto 10-9

Round 2: Action is really heating up while the commentary is reading their prepared statements. Kellerman finally busts in and goes HEY GUYS THIS IS GOOD? Orozco turning this into something more physical, which is probably a good idea. Some good body shots and he's much more offensive-minded. Still getting hit some, but that might just be what he has to do. Soto is a clever boxer, he's harder to beat that way than just going at him. Good left hook and right hand from Soto! La Zorrita isn't backing down. Never does. This is a damn good round and they end it throwing. Orozco 10-9, 19-19

Round 3: Both guys come out a little less aggressive to start this round. OK, a lot less aggressive. Orozco still looking toward the body a lot. Soto pushing a jab out, not landing it. Orozco, as Roy notes, is leading the action now. Not as much action, but he's leading it. Soto with a clean right hand. Orozco is outworking Soto over the round but Humberto is coming alive more in the last 40 seconds or so. I liked Soto by a hair this round. Soto 10-9, 29-28

Round 4: Orozco willing to get a little dirty, throwing shots at the back of Soto's head. Orozco gets warned. Soto may be frustrating him a little bit. This is a really interesting fight so far. I keep feeling like Orozco can get Soto if he lands clean shots, but if Soto can last, he's the better boxer. Orozco hurts Soto this round and may have stolen the momentum back with the body shots. Soto tries to steal it at the end with a little flurry. Orozco 10-9, 38-38

Round 5: When Soto leads the action he's able to control pretty clearly. Orozco just can't box with him. But Orozco's body focus is the exact right game plan, and it seems to be working. Soto still doing some good work, but Orozco clearly doing the more damage and hurting the old man. Orozco 10-9, 48-47

Round 6: Soto with a little barrage in the corner, but Orozco gets out after only taking a couple shots. Orozco back to the body, Soto throwing with him now. Orozco's attack slowing some this round. There's a good right hand from Orozco up top. Soto with a nice rally down the stretch, and this was a good round for him, slowing Orozco's momentum at a key time. Soto 10-9, 57-57

Round 7: Orozco picking it up a little again this round, moving laterally and making Soto chase, thus giving himself some openings, too. Soto landing with better timing, though. This has been an interesting fight. I edge this round just by a shade of a nick of a hair to Soto. Soto 10-9, 67-66

Round 8: Orozco's trainer wants more jabs, which haven't been his best attack but it's never too late to jab. Well, I mean, sometimes it is. But not here. Soto peppering with shots in this round. Jones really likes Orozco this round but I'm not seeing it. Once again I have the Crafty Little Fox. Soto 10-9, 77-75

Round 9: Orozco whacking at the body this round, and then Soto gets hit in the nuts and drops to the canvas. Definitely was low. Referee takes a point. Orozco did more work this round, though, and lands a nice left hook at the end of the round. Soto hits the canvas again late in the round on a trip. Orozco 10-9, -1 for Orozco, Soto 86-84

Round 10: Soto falling down again early in the 10th round. His legs are toast. Soto with a nice shot. They're mixing it up now. Both guys landing some big shots this round and eating them. Soto getting his head rocked back wading in, little shots with some thud from Orozco. Soto lands a few near the bell. Another debatable round. I'll give this round to Orozco, but it was close, so was the fight. Orozco 10-9, Soto 95-94

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