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Matthysse vs Postol: Post-fight quotes and photos

Viktor Postol surprised a lot of people on Saturday night with a 10th round knockout of Lucas Matthysse.


"The punch felt natural to me because we practice it over and over at Wild Card. I started boxing when I was 12 years old in a gym outside of Kiev. My ultimate goal was to win a world championship even when I was a little boy. I made a decision to come to America, which is the mecca of boxing. This is my third fight with Freddie Roach. I am the world champion because of Freddie and my other trainers at Wild Card. They taught me and they gave me strategy. During this fight, they told me what to do. I followed Freddie's instructions and I threw that last combination to win the fight"

FREDDIE ROACH, Postol's trainer

"Before the last round, I told the corner he was dead tired and ready to go out. And I told that to Postol."

BOB ARUM, Postol's promoter

"Postol will be a force in the 140 and 147 positions. He is difficult to fight against, Top Rank will have a lot of big fights scheduled for him."


"I felt comfortable with the pace of the fight. I also feel that I had dominated a few rounds and we were even in the cards. But, he got me with that right cross and hit my left eye. I felt there was damage to my eye and I also didn't feel my body. The pain was instant and I knew I had to stop because I wasn't sure what my eye looked like. But, fortunately nothing happened. My team tells me that it looks good. But, Postol is not the best yet."

MARIO ARANO, Matthysse's manager

"At the ninth round, I felt it was 7-2 in Lucas' favor. But, after the ninth round, I could see Lucas getting tired, which surprised me because we had one of the best training camps in his career. Unfortunately in boxing, sometimes you have a good night and sometimes a bad one. Tonight was an example of a bad night. This is not the end for Lucas."


"I feel great about the win. It has been something we have been working for my entire career. This means that we have stepped it up in competition, and I am ready for a world title fight. I felt that I set the pace to this fight, but it wasn't easy. Soto is a tough fighter, he came prepared and I have a lot of respect for him. This was a great learning experience for me and proves I am ready for the next step in my career."


"I felt comfortable going into this fight. I know the kind of fighter Orozco is and was prepared to take on a young tough fighter. I think I dominated the fight, the judges, with all due respect scored this fight wrong. The fight was really on my side."

JULIAN RAMIREZ, def. Hugo Partida

"I knew of Partida before. I had sparred with him when I was younger so I knew that he was going to be a tough contender, so I cam prepared, but I felt like I dominated the fight. I did hurt my left hand in the second round but I felt like I gave a good performance and showed the fans that I'm a champion."

NICK ARCE, def. Juan Hernandez

"I felt the fight was equal in the beginning and very entertaining for the fans that came out to support me today. I felt in control the whole time. He is a tough fighter and he came prepared to fight. But, I feel like we were better prepared, and I am excited to have delivered another victory for Team Arce."

MERCITO GESTA, def. Miguel Angel Mendoza

"There is a difference between clean shots and wild shots, and the refs saw that tonight. I feel like he was a very tough opponent but my boxing skills were what got me the win today. He has a lot of stamina and I respect him as a fighter."

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