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Frank Warren hoping to secure rematch for Ovill McKenzie

Ovill McKenzie fought the fight of his life on Friday, but came away with a draw against Victor Ramirez.

Christopher Lee/Getty Images

Promoter Frank Warren is calling for the IBF to order an immediate rematch between his fighter Ovill McKenzie and IBF cruiserweight titleholder Victor Ramirez, following a draw last Friday night in Argentina between the two.

McKenzie (25-12-1, 13 KO), who took the fight on just 11 days notice, no doubt fought his heart out against the favored home fighter, earning scores of 115-113, 113-115, and 114-114. BLH also had it 114-114. Ramirez (22-2-1, 17 KO) was making the first defense of his belt, after being elevated from interim champion status with Yoan Pablo Hernandez still inactive.

"I think that McKenzie well won the fight and did more than Ramirez in the rounds, although some were close. McKenzie was the better man and hurt him on a number of occasions. I will write to the IBF in view of the decision that it was scored a draw and that they do the right thing and give McKenzie an immediate rematch against Ramirez, which I believe is only fair."

The IBF may not be likely to order an immediate rematch, as there was really no actual controversy in the decision, but a rematch may be lucrative enough for Ramirez to consider if there's interest in Argentina, or if there's enough money to go to the United Kingdom for it. The idea that Ramirez can fight better while McKenzie may not be able to may also entice Ramirez and his team to take a rematch to sort of clear the air, but that's just speculation.

Do you think Ovill deserves the rematch, and do you think the IBF should order it, if only for competitive reasons and not because of any controversy?

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