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Theophane says bring on Broner

Ashley Theophane says he's ready for Adrien Broner to make his first title defense against him, and has even more confidence since Floyd Mayweather believes he can win that match-up.

Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

Newly crowned WBA super lightweight champion Adrien Broner sure raised a lot of eyebrows when he called out Ashley Theophane following his 12th round stoppage over Khabib Allakhverdiev, but not really in a good way. Theophane isn't really high on the radar in the 140lb division, and rightfully so - he's rated 47th in the division by Boxrec. So for the new champion to call out a fighter not close to the top 10 in the division was a little startling. Here's what Broner said in his postfight interview:

"I'm going to fight who I want to fight and when I want to fight them. You know, they say my big bro, the one, the only Floyd Mayweather, he say he got a fighter that he feels like he can beat me," said Broner after beating Allakhverdiev.

"I think his name is Ashley, but if that is true, this is what you do, big bro, because bosses talk to bosses. You put Ashley on one of your private jets, bring him to come see me."

Theophane says he's ready to take the challenge, and I'd imagine Floyd Mayweather & Co. should be happy to get their fighter what would likely be an undeserved title shot.

"My promoter Floyd Mayweather and advisor Dejuan Blake believe I can beat him and so do I. He's a great fighter and his record shows that. Twenty-six-years-old and a four-weight world champion but I believe in my ability and I 100 per cent believe I would be victorious.

"I want to be your first defence Adrien. You called me out live after your win. Let's do this."

Now I can't really say what the chances are that this fight comes together, but I am pretty sure boxing fans at large would scoff at the fight. Theophane is now 35-years-old and hasn't shown that he can really compete at the top level of the sport, but maybe he could pull this one off -- he does have a "thug life" tattoo after all. Then again, if Broner was at all concerned about this match-up he probably wouldn't have called him out in the first place, right?

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