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Abel Sanchez: Matthysse quit on himself

Trainer Abel Sanchez gives his immediate thoughts following Viktor Postol's KO win over Lucas Matthysse, saying a frustrated Matthysse quit on himself during the fight.

Abel Sanchez was asked for his thoughts on Viktor Postol's knockout win over Lucas Matthysse over the weekend and he gave his honest feedback. He says he saw Matthysse getting frustrated towards the end of the fight and thinks Lucas quit on himself because of it. Sanchez says two rounds before the stoppage he felt that Matthysse was going into the rounds without a real plan and was sort of just going through the motions, while Postol was doing exactly what he wanted to do.

Sanchez goes on to say that the punch that put Matthysse down was a good right hand but at that point Matthysse probably felt he was so far behind in the fight that he was mentally checked out.

Matthysse himself has said that Postol didn't pack much power in his punch, but that a headbutt during the fight had really hurt his eye badly and that he lost vision in that eye when Postol hit him with the right hand that put him down. At that point Matthysse said he was more concerned about getting his vision back than continuing the fight.

What did you see in the end of that fight? Did Matthysse break boxing's cardinal sin of quitting because he wasn't having his way?

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