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Fedor Chudinov agrees to rematch with Felix Sturm

0-2-1 in your last three gets you a title shot, apparently.

Leigh Dawney/Getty Images

There are a handful of constants in this universe: death, taxes, pound-for-pound debates that accomplish nothing, and Felix Sturm somehow fighting for a title every single bout.

Earlier this year, unbeaten Russian Fedor Chudinov (14-0, 10 KO) earned the WBA super middleweight title with a split decision over Felix Sturm, because Felix Sturm (39-5-3, 18 KO) and split decisions are eternal bedmates, then pummeled Frank Buglioni en route to a successful title defense. Having established himself as a credible member of the 168-pound brass, he's now doing the obvious thing and fighting Sturm again.

I'm only being half-sarcastic; Sturm is still a draw in Germany and Chudinov already knows he can beat him, so why not?

In fairness to Sturm, he gave Robert Stieglitz everything he could handle last year despite making his first appearance above 160 and has been competitive for more than a decade. Seriously, it's been over ten years since he got screwed against Oscar de la Hoya. Chudinov wasn't even old enough to drink in Russia.

Still, would a little variety be too much to ask for?

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