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Golovkin vs Lemieux: Harold Lederman previews the fight

HBO's Harold Lederman takes a look at Golovkin-Lemieux, a PPV battle between two big punchers on October 17.

The colorful Harold Lederman, HBO boxing's unofficial judge and a former world class boxing judge before that, is in with the latest edition of "Hey Harold!" which previews the upcoming October 17 PPV main event between Gennady Golovkin and David Lemieux, a middleweight title unification bout at Madison Square Garden.

Here's what Harold has to say about the fight:

"The Garden's gonna rock that night. Two of the biggest punchers in all of boxing. Gennady Golovkin I think has got something like 20 straight knockouts. But Gennady's got a great jaw. I've watched Gennady in so many of his fights on HBO, they hit him on the jaw and he doesn't even flinch. He just keeps coming.

"In his last fight at the Forum in Inglewood, he fought Willie Monroe, the nephew of Willie 'The Worm' Monroe, and Willie is a southpaw who can punch a little. He hit Gennady with some real good shots, and Gennady just walked through him and stopped him in six rounds.

"David Lemieux is gonna make a very interesting opponent. First of all, he hits very hard. Second of all, he's got a mohawk. I love a guy with a mohawk. Scary lookin' fighter. David Lemieux is just a huge puncher, just like Golovkin. I would say Lemieux probably hits a little bit harder than Golovkin does. Lemieux's not as good a boxer as Golovkin is. I saw him with Gabriel Rosado where he stopped a tough guy from Philadelphia.

"It's gonna be a very exciting night, because the atmosphere in the Garden, when they sell out, it's very exciting, and the fight's virtually sold out already. So look for a really huge, exciting fight between two big punchers. I don't know who's gonna win, but it's gonna be a great fight."

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