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PBC on FS1 - Jackson vs Uzcategui: Live streaming results and round by round coverage

Julius Jackson meets Jose Uzcategui in the main event, with Miguel Vazquez taking on Argenis Mendez in a co-feature battle of former titleholders.

Tonight at 9:00 pm EST on FS1, Premier Boxing Champions is back with the latest installment of its Tuesday night series, with power punching super middleweights Julius "The Chef" Jackson and Jose Uzcategui set for a 12-round main event from Cowboys Dance Hall in San Antonio.

Jackson (19-0, 15 KO) is one of the two boxing sons of the devastating puncher Julian "The Hawk" Jackson, and is considered the better fighter of the two. The 28-year-old Jackson has passed his tests thus far, but Uzcategui (23-1, 19 KO) is a new level for him, and this could be a very interesting fight. You may remember Uzcategui from an HBO bout against Matt Korobov in 2014, his lone pro loss.

In the co-feature, former lightweight titleholder Miguel Vazquez (35-4, 13 KO) returns to action against former super featherweight titleholder Argenis Mendez (22-3-1, 12 KO). That fight is scheduled for 10 rounds. Both fighters are coming off of wins.

Patrick L. Stumberg will be here as always for the live call. Join us tonight!


Jose Uzcategui def. Julius Jackson by TKO at 0:45 of Round Two

Argenis Mendez def. Miguel Vazquez by unanimous decision (99-90, 97-92, 95-94)


Julius Jackson vs. Jose Uzcategui

Round one: 3-2 lands for Uzcategui to start. Jabs from Jackson. Nice 1-2 from Uzcategui forces Jackson back. He tries to unlead on the ropes, eats a right straight, and then smashes Jackson to the mat with an overhand right. Jackson makes it to his feet with time to spare and ties up. Uzcategui opening up on the ropes and knocks him down again with a pair of hooks. Jackson's legs don't lok great. Uzcategui comes after him and Jackson hits a double-leg to buy time. One minute to go. Right cross by Uzcategui. Jackson just trying to survive and he goes down from a left hook. Uzcategui's screwing himself over by coming out of the corner and puasing the count. Jackson slips to the mat after getting up. Ten seconds to survive. Jackson manages to clinch and, incredibly, survive the round. 10-6 Uzcategui.

Round two: Uzcategui stalking to start the round. Combination by Jackson. Cross counter by Uzcategui, who puts together a nasty combination that takes Jackson's legs out. Uzcategui pursues and slams home hard shots until Jackson again falls to the mat from a left hook, prompting the referee to stop it. Good call.

Final result: Uzcategui def. Jackson by TKO

Swing Fight: Alfonso Olvera vs. Ryan Karl

Round one: Olvera swinging on the back foot. 1-2 falls short for him. Lead right lands, Karl comes back with a left hook. Karl with a pair of lead rights, then a hook around the guard. Karl to the body. One minute in. Good body shots land for him. Olvera fires back with his back on the ropes, lands some good body shots and a 1-2. Good left hand and a right to the body by Olvera. Clinch. Right hand exchange. One minute to go. 1-2 lands for Olvera. Karal with a pair of hooks downstairs, lands another after a two-piece by Olvera. Karl with a right downstairs, then a right up top. Olvera comes back with a 1-2. Nice jabs from Olvera. Karl with a right hand up top and one to the body, then some more rights at the bell. 10-9 Olvera

Round two: Olvera lands a good right after a triple jab. Counter right from Olvera. Check hook by Karl, then an overhand right and left hook. Hard right hand by Karl as he manhandles Olvera to the corner. Good exchange. Lead hook from Karl. One minute in. Right to the body by Karl. Olvera with a left to the body, Karl answers in kind. Olvera pops him with a right hand as Karl's pivoting. Straight right and left hook by Karl. Olvera's still landing. Olvera to the body, lands a straight right upstairs and they clinch. Karl to the body, Olvera answers. One minute to go. Karl body shot strays low. Hard uppercut from Olvera answered by a left hook. Karl backs him up with some hard shots and avoids a bolo punch. 10-9 Karl, 19-19.

Round three: Karl opens with a lead right, eats one in return and lands another. Looping rights from Olvera. Counter right this time. Olvera with another right on the retreat, eats a right hand after landing a two-piece combo. Karl snaps his head back with a jab, eats a left hook. One minute in. Right to the body by Olvera, who's doing a good job of avoiding return fire. Body shot. Good counter right upstairs. Clinch. One minute to go. They trade in the center. Nice hook by Karl knocks Olvera's mouthpiece out. They pause to put it back in and they exchange on the ropes, Olvera getting the best of it. Good body shots from Olvera. Karl comes back with some hard body blows of his own. Chopping right lands for Olvera.  Another in the center of the ring and an overhand before the bell. 10-9, 29-28 Olvera.

Round four: Right hand lands for Karl. Good cross counter. Olvera backs him off with a pair of right hands. Another cross counter by Karl and a stiff jab upstairs. Yet another, the hardest one yet. One minute in. Olvera cracks him with a jab and a counter right. Straight right by Karl,looping right for Olvera. Counter 1-2 by Karl, then a 3-2. Another right hand lands for him. Counter rights from Olvera. Lead right from Karl in the corner. One minute to go. Karl digs a right to the body and lands a check hook. Nice 2-1 lands for the Texan. Counter right by Olvera at the bell. 10-9 Karl, 38-38.

Round five: Olvera comes up short with a flurry. Karl whiffs as well, both men connect in the center. Right to the body by Karl. One minute in. Olvera to the body, whiffs on an overhand right. Karl connects on a lead right. Shovel hook from Karl knocks out Olvera's mouthpiece and Karl rattles him with a right hand. Olvera's legs aren't there and he wisely takes a knee after failing to tie up. Karl comes right after him after they put the mouthpiece back in. One minute to go. Hard right cross by Karl. Olvera seems to have his faculties and is circling well. Karl digs a right to the body. Olvera with a right hand, Karl answers. Karl with a hook at the bell. 10-8, 48-46 Karl.

Round six: Nice counter right from Karl. Olvera comes back with a stiff jab. Hard counter jab from Karl. Straight right lands for him on a leaning Olvera. 1-1-2-2 from Olvera. Counter right lands for him. Again. One minute in. Right to the body from Olvera, stff jab from Karl. Straight right from the Texan. Body shot backs Olvera up. Lead right lands for him on the ropes.Olvera with a right ot the body. Left hook exchange. One minute to go. Karl lands a hard cross, eats a couple from Oliveira. Counter right from Olvera, then an overhand right that Karl answers with a hard shot. Olvera to the body, lands a 1-2 to the head. Flurry from Olvera, then a hard 1-2 that Karl answers with a straight right. They swing until the bell. 10-9, 58-55 Karl.

Final result: Karl def. Olvera by unanimous decision (58-55 x2, 59-54)

Miguel Vazquez vs. Argenis Mendez

Round one: Vazquez firing a solid jab early on. Mendez looking to jab with him, just misses on a counter right. 1-1-2 by Mendez, Vazquez comes back with a hard right hand. Clinch. One minute in. Straight right to the body by the Dominican, clinch. Vazquez connects with a right hand at the end of a rush. He stings Mendez and goes to the body before getting clinched. They exchange inside. One minute to go. Vazquez lands a counter combination. Another right hand connects for Vazquez, then a hard counter right that prompts some stiff jabs by Mendez. Mendez just whiffs on an uppercut  and Vazquez comes back before the bell. 10-9 Vazquez.

Round two: Jab battle continues. Both men try to do work in the clinch. Evenly-matched first minute. Clinch, Mendez lands some short blows inside. Left hooks from Vazquez into the clinch. Clinch. Mendez looking to counter as Vazquez rushes. Cuffing right hand from El Titere, clinch. One minute to go. Body jab, head jab.  Mendez is landing some solid jabs himself. Vazquez lands a long right and eats a check hook to end the round. 10-9, 20-18 Vazquez.

Round three: Counter right lands for Mendez as Vazquez comes out active. They chip away in the clinch. Left hook by Vazquez after taking a right to the gut. Clinch, nice shots by Vazquez on the exit. One minute in. Clinch; Mendez doesn't like the headbutts. Straight left connects for Vazquez. Mendez responds with a straight right and stiff jab. Clinch. One minute to go. Both men land right hands and Mendez shoves Vazquez down; no knockdown. Clinch. Clinch. Looping right by Vazquez, good right by Mendez. Hard left lands for Mendez before the bell. 10-9, 30-27 Vazquez.

Round four: Vazquez lands a right hand early. Glancing check hook from Mendez. Mendez avoids a clinch. Clinch and yet another clash of heads. Again they mug in the clinch. One minute in. Good exchange, both men land. Right hand by Vazquez and a clinch. Mendez whiffs a 3-2 and gets clinched. Good right hand by Mendez and another active clinch. Yet ANOTHER clash of heads. Good right by Vazquez. One minute to go. Clinch. Nice right from the Mexican inside. He lands a right on the exit. 10-9, 40-36 Vazquez.

Round five: Honestly, the most surprising thing is that this fight really isn't that awful. Hard body blow by Mendez on the inside. Clinch, Mendez looks to stay busy. Clinch. Cuffing right by Vazquez in the clinch. Both men do good work inside, Vazquez lands a heavy left hand. One minute in. Straight right lands for Vazquez in the corner. Very good entry into a takedown from Vazquez, although he doesn't complete it. Counter hook by Mendez, clinch. Hook by Vazquez into the clinch. They bonk each other gently for a bit. One minute to go. Vazquez to the body. Clinch, hard shots from both men before they separate. Hard 1-2 connects for Vazquez, then a right on the pivot. He lands a good cross inside at the bell. 10-9, 50-45 Vazquez. The individual rounds are close, though.

Round six: Vazquez comes out aggressively. Back to the clinch, more short shots from both men. Both fall short with right hands. Clinch. One minute in. More clinching. Vazquez firing off the jab as Mendez looks for the pull-back right hand. Clinch. Yet  more clinching. One minute to go. Mendez clinches this time and Vazquez blatantly punches on the break. Oddly, the ref doesn't take a point. Left hook by Mendez and a powerful jab that Vazquez runs into. clinch. 1-2-3 from Mendez. 10-9  Mendez, 59-55 Vazquez.

Round seven: Mendez lands a short left hook as they trade. 1-2 from Vazquez as Mendez pursues. Check hook from Mendez, glancing right by Vazquez. Good left hook from Mendez, Vazquez clinches. One minute in. Hard 1-2 lands, Vazquez comes back with a looping right. Check hook connects for Mendez. Vazquez lands a 1-2. Another bit of confetti flutters into the ring for God knows what reason. Clinch. One minute to go. Clinch. Mendez using his jab well this round. Check hook lands for him. Both land in the clinch. The referee takes a point from Vazquez, although I'm not sure if it was for holding or headbutts. 10-8 Mendez, 67-65 Vazquez.

Round eight: Looks like it was holding.

1-2 lands for Vazquez and he takes Mendez to the corner. Nice jab from Vazquez. Clinch, clean separation this time. Jabs, clinch. More confetti as Vazquez cracks him with a combination. One minute in. Mendez to the body. Overhand right from Vazquez. Clinch. Mendez whiffs on a combination. Good counter by Mendez. One minute to go. Another blatant punch on the break by Vazquez. Nice right hand lands for him afterwards. Clinch. Vazquez pops him with some jabs and they tie up before the bell. 10-9, 77-74 Vazquez.

Round nine: Stiff jab lands for Mendez, then a right as they exchange. Vazquez lands some wild shots on the ropes. Mendez with a counter body shot. Lead hook from Mendez. One minute in. Clinch. Mendez finding increasing success with his jab. Nice 1-2 and chopping right from Vazquez. One minute to go. Ugly exchange. Clinch. Both wing shots inside. Cuffing right by Vazquez to end the round. 10-9 Mendez, 86-84 Vazquez.

Round ten: HARD jab and left hook by Mendez raise a nice cloud from Vazquez's face. Clinch, borderline kidney shots by Mendez. One minute in. Counter jab from Mendez. Vazquez lands a glancing hook and they clinch. Clinch. More confetti. Lead right by Vazquez, who runs Mendez into a stiff jab. One minute to go. Vazquez 1-2, clinch. Another clinch, both men punch with their free hands. Counter 1-2 from Mendez, clinch. Vazquez lands a solid right to close things out. 10-9 Mendez, 95-94 Vazquez.

Final result:

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