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Hearn: Quigg-Frampton could be finalized within next two weeks

Promoter Eddie Hearn says that the long discussed fight between Scott Quigg and Carl Frampton is so close that they could be announcing the fight in the next two weeks.

Alex Livesey/Getty Images

Eddie Hearn seems to believe the long and troubled negotiations between Scott Quigg and Carl Frampton is reaching an end, and tells Sky Sports that the fight is now close to becoming official.

"If I had to make a call, I believe this fight gets made in the next couple of weeks. We're that close now. There's been a lot of talk about a neutral venue," Hearn said.

The two sides have been trying to negotiate this fight, which would be a huge event in the U.K., for a long time now. Unfortunately, they could never seem to get over the hump to come to an agreement about which network air the fight, where it would take place, and what the purse split would be.

Hearn says they are now trying to make the fight for January or February and only two sites would be suitable for this event - The O2 and Manchester Arena. Hearn says that the O2 isn't available for their target dates, and that Frampton doesn't want to travel to Manchester. Because of this, Hearn says they've been looking at Birmingham, Glasgow and Sheffield, but all of those sites would decrease potential revenue as they are smaller venues.

So, Hearn suggests that Frampton makes some concessions on the site so that they can split the Manchester site in half so it's really not an "away game" for Frampton -- but he'll have to convince Frampton of that.

"I'm saying to Frampton and his team that we can cut the Manchester Arena in half - Team Frampton on one side and Team Quigg on the other side. 10,000 and 10,000. So he wouldn't really be away from home.

"We've given up on a lot of things, conceded many things. Now I need them to concede a few because if they do, this fight will get made like that. I think it will be made in the next couple of weeks."

Now to my untrained ears, it sounds to me like Hearn is trying to negotiate the fight through the media and it may not be as close as he suggests, unless of course Frampton willingly concedes to Hearn's suggestion. But for the sake of us all, I really wish they would just finalize this fight already and get on with it, instead of just endlessly talking about it.

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