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HBO lining up Kovalev-Ward showdown

Sergey Kovalev's Russian homecoming fight in November has been postponed as HBO and Main Events try to line up a megafight with Andre Ward next fall.

Alexis Cuarezma/Getty Images

As disappointed Sergey Kovalev may be, he will not be taking the stage this November for his Russian homecoming fight, as was previously scheduled - the powers that be have much bigger things in mind. Yesterday, Kathy Duva of Main Events (who promotes Kovalev) announced that they had to postpone Kovalev's fight in Russia due to a scheduling conflict. This conflict largely revolves around HBO, who essentially controls Kovalev's schedule since the network has him under contract, and they want him to go in January. Because of this, a November and January fight were just too close in proximity.

"The two fights would simply have been too close together," Duva said of the November bout and a fight that probably will take place in January. "As we worked on Sergey's schedule for next year, it became clear that the best course would be to schedule his first bout in 2016 as early in the year as possible. While Sergey is disappointed that the bout in Moscow must be postponed, he understands that the change in schedule is necessary at this time, and he will return to Russia to fight in front of his fans there as soon as possible."

HBO's plan is to center Kovalev's 2016 schedule around a fall PPV fight with Andre Ward, who would be moving up to light heavyweight. The plan is to have Kovalev fight in January, then take a fight in late spring/early summer, ultimately culminating in a fall showdown with Ward.

Meanwhile, HBO is negotiating a three-fight deal with Ward, which is contingent upon Roc Nation Sports (Ward's promoter) making a deal for the fall fight with Kovalev. If Ward and Roc Nation agree to these terms, HBO will finalize their deal with Ward and showcase his official debut at light heavyweight as a co-feature on the Cotto-Canelo card on Nov. 21st.

According to Kathy Duva, her discussions with Roc Nation have been going great, saying their negotiations have been "very amicable." With Ward in an almost desperate position to get back into the limelight, and a big fight, after a long layoff (which doesn't count his unheralded return to BET), combined with he and Gennady Golovkin seemingly going in different directions, this appears to be the best and most likely scenario for Ward.

How about it, fans? Kovalev-Ward in Fall 2016?

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