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Rosado talks possible fights with Margarito and Kirkland

In this interview Gabe Rosado talks about where he's currently at in his career, some things he's learned, and potential fights out there for him with Antonio Margarito and James Kirkland.

Gabe Rosado checks in with FightHype to talk about where his career is at and what's next for him. He says he's been in the gym and has recently made some new additions to his team that will allow him to focus more on just boxing and training instead of business. He goes on to talk about how he's effectively acted as his own manager for the past few years and reflects on how being in a rush to get to the top can lead to some pitfalls - such as taking some fights he probably shouldn't have (I'm going to assume he's alluding to jumping a division to fight Golovkin).

Then, the possibility of Rosado taking on Antonio Margaritio in a BKB fight was brought up, which was an idea that Margarito's trainer Robert Garcia loved, and Rosado says he thinks there's a lot of potential for that to happen because it makes sense for all sides, but no formal discussions have taken place thus far.

Finally, Rosado did say that a potential fight with James Kirkland (who has supposedly reunited with Ann Wolfe, once again) has been brought to him. Rosado says that although he'd like that fight, he's a bit wary because of how erratic Kirkland can be. As Rosado puts it, "one minute [Kirkland] wants to fight, and then the next minute he's like 'nah' and firing his whole team and pulling out of the fight." Rosado says if he signs a fight with Kirkland he'll require a big advance just in case it gets canceled. But be that as it may, Rosado admits it would be a fan friendly fight and that Kirkland isn't a tune-up fight for anybody.

Speaking on Kirkland's hot-and-cold relationship with Wolfe, Rosado speculates that Kirkland strays away from Wolfe when he doesn't want to go through another one of her hellish training camps. I mean, have you seen one of those camps, which includes the 'slave chain' run?! I can't say I blame the man.

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