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Shane Mosley returning to welterweight, will reportedly face Chris Algieri or Ruslan Provodnikov in December

This is highly unwise, Shane.

Jeff Gross/Getty Images

Full of confidence after dispatching Ricardo Mayorga for the second time earlier this year, former multi-division champion Shane Mosley sat down with World Boxing News to outline his plans for the near future.

They are not good plans.


"Juan Manuel Marquez, Ruslan Provodnikov and Chris Algieri, plus a couple more that said they’d get in the ring with me, but it’s kind of hard because Al Haymon has all the fighters and I think he wants to monopolize boxing to make things different.

"We are looking to fight again in December. Algieri and Provodnikov have agreed, so we just have to get the deal finalized, so we’ll see. They are both likely it’s just who is going to pick first.

"Provodnikov’s name came up, Chris Algieri also and maybe Marquez next year sometime after I beat one of those two and move on from there.

"I’m going to stick around for a few more years and make sure I put my print on boxing because I’m feeling great right now," he added.

If this is going to happen no matter what, Algieri's the best choice. While he showed a solid mean streak against Amir Khan, he's unlikely to deal too much damage to Mosley. He'd still box circles around Shane at this point, but at least the 44-year-old "Sugar" wouldn't get hurt.

Not the case with the other two.

Provodnikov, who recently joined Joel Diaz's stable of fighters, has already shown that he has no issue with wrecking washed-up legends. The Russian may not have the technical acumen for a precise demolition, but it's hard to imagine a fight between him and the ever-slowing Mosley being anything but a violent debacle.

Marquez might be the worst idea of the lot. "Dinamita" has looked more destructive than ever, hurting people both on the counter and with lead punches. Even with the massive layoff, he'd eat Mosley alive.

The Unofficial Senior Tour is getting a little worrying, guys.

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